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How To Develop More Bonding With Your Baby Bump

By Sharon Thomas

The relationship between a mother and child is the most beautiful one in the world. There are no words to describe it to the point. Something that is going to last a lifetime starts earlier on in the womb even before the first meeting happens.

Strange, isn't it? In this practical world, it is not quite possible but the mother-child bond is an exception.

The first three months is mostly very tiring for the mother in terms of health. So, she might not be able to concentrate on the unborn child. But, as the months pass by, the baby starts to respond to things and the connection grows immensely.

It is quite a sight to watch when the baby does funny things in the womb. To watch, in the sense, the movements will be visible on the bump, if not, it can be felt by the mother very easily. There are many ways to spend time with your baby bump and listed below are eight of them. Check them out.


Do Some Talking

It is said that the baby in the womb starts to hear things from around 23 weeks. The first thing that will be heard is the heartbeat of the mom and secondly, it is the mother's voice. The baby gets so much used to hearing the voice that the recognition of it comes instantly after birth. Yes, your unborn baby is listening to you. Not only what you talk to her, but what you talk with others too. Some mothers might feel awkward to talk to the baby bump but that feeling will settle once you get started. Set some time for you and your little one in the womb. One great idea is to read out a fairytale aloud to your baby.


Time For Some Music

Music soothes the soul and it is the same for your baby bump. In addition, it is also a stress buster if the mother is under pressure. Many believe that the kind of songs you introduce to your child becomes their favourite genres later on. It doesn't matter if you can't sing well. After all, it is just you and your baby. No one is going to interfere.


Pamper With A Massage

Did you know that babies can feel your touch when inside you? Yes, and the most interesting fact is that the baby can differentiate the touch of a mother and that of the others. When you sit down to relax, take some time to gently rub your baby bump. This sort of makes your baby feel that you care for her. There is no better way to be one with your angel.


A Poke For A Kick

From the second trimester, babies start kicking the tummy of the mother. Sometimes, the kicks are so strong that the outer surface bulges out for a millisecond and goes back in. The baby also turns around in the womb. These kicks and turns is a way for your baby to communicate with you. For example, any food that you have, if it feels appetizing to her, you might get an instant response with a movement. That way, you will know that you must have more of that food. Simply reply back to your child with a gentle poke.


Get Daddy Involved

Dads too must get involved in the nine-month journey. The child is to be raised by both the mom and dad. So, it is good if the baby gets familiar with him before birth. Ask your partner to connect with the bump with a short talk or a pamper. Both of you can get creative too and paint an imaginary baby face on the bump. It is also a good idea for your partner to attend the antenatal classes with you.


Go For A Stroll

Rest is absolutely essential when pregnant; but it does not seem that you are exempted from a leisure walk. Visit your nearest park and enjoy the greenery. Breathe in the fresh air from all the plants and just relax. Talk to your baby about what you are seeing when you walk. These leisure walks can turn into regular exercises gradually. This will definitely benefit your labour stage.


Take A Relaxed Bath

Relaxing the body and the mind will help you to concentrate more on your baby. A bath is a good way to do it. Fill up your bathtub with mildly warm water. Turn on some good music and simply soak in for quite some time. It will also help you relieve body aches if any. Both you and your baby will feel cozy by doing this simple task. Just make sure that the water is not hotter than needed, which can actually harm the baby. It must only be warm to the touch.


Get Active With Pregnancy Yoga

Gentle stretches and breathing techniques in yoga are good for pregnancy. The stretches help in managing the changing body and the breathing will help you during your delivery. Yoga is gaining immense popularity as a way of life and pregnant women too can practice safe yoga with the help of an expert. It is suggested to start doing yoga in the second trimester and not before that for the fear of any critical issues to your baby. Yoga, in a way, helps you to focus on your growing baby.

Story first published: Saturday, December 16, 2017, 14:28 [IST]
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