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3 Common Myths Of Pregnancy And Microwaves De-Busted

By: Nikita

"Half Knowledge is Dangerous All By It's Self! Add a Pinch of Ignorance And a Dash of Fear, For You Will Have a Lethal Combination that Can Wipe a Hundred Minds Clean of Facts" - Author at Boldsky

Microwaves were originally invented for the convenience of man. However, the 20th century has seen a lot of NEWS articles that have made man believe otherwise.

While some of these NEWS pieces are accurate, others are a result of ignorance and are misleading facts. The myths that have been floating around since the last 15 years have caused concern in people of all ages.

A few microwave-related myths, that raised the eyes of a few, ended up causing a wide-spread panic in the minds of pregnant women. Scientists have been working hard to prove and disprove a few of these myths.

Don't halt here, continue reading, as the following paragraphs will logically bust a set of the common myths about microwaves and pregnancy.

3 Common Myths, Their Facts And Tips

myths about pregnancy and microwave

Myth #1 - Using a microwave while you are pregnant will cause birth defects in your child!

Fact #1 - There have been various advances in technology since the initial invention. For instance, the first microwave was merely as big as a refrigerator and didn't have any ISI/BIS certifications! As of now, it can be said that there has been no hard evidence that proves this myth to be true. Merely using a microwave during pregnancy does not cause birth defects in your child.

Tip - Check the ISI/BIS classifications on your microwave before using it.

myths about pregnancy and microwave

Myth #2 - Leaving the microwave door open after cooking can result in radiations, affecting your unborn baby!

Fact #2 - The amount of radiation let out by the microwave is insignifacant, provided safety precautions are followed. If the person is standing 2.5 to 4 inches away from the microwave oven, it is considered to be safe.

Tip - Get your microwave checked for radiation leakage if it is damaged or is extremely old. Don't unnecessarily panic until then.

myths about pregnancy and microwave

Myth #3 - Microwaves should not be used with their door open, as this can dehydrate and severely damage the tissues of a person.

Fact #3 - A microwave does not work when the door is not properly shut. Unless severely rigged, the microwave will automatically stop when the door is left open. In the past, there was a claim made about a rigged microwave functioning while the door was open. This was later classified as an "Urban Myth".

Tip - Follow all safety precautions before using the microwave. If in doubt, do not act!

Safety Precautions For Expectant Mothers

  • Expectant mothers are suggested not to bend above the microwave, when it is switched on.
  • Standing 3-5 inches away from the microwave is also suggested.
  • If you are pregnant, do not use a microwave for long periods of time. Using the microwave for short intervals is safer and better for your peace of mind. Stick to a 2 to 3 minutes cut-off time for the entire day, if you are using the microwave regularly.

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Story first published: Sunday, May 1, 2016, 7:00 [IST]
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