7 Motherly Habits That Make The Foetus Clever

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Are you happy on receiving the good news of your little one growing inside of you?

Pregnancy is not just about carrying a life in the womb; it is about 'its' welfare both inside and in the outside world.

We have heard it over and over again from the elders to discard the old and unhealthy habits, and replace them with some good healthy ones.

Experts also state that whatever the mother does during the pregnancy period has an indirect effect on the growing foetus. This is why, you should eat well and stay active when pregnant.

It is also known that genes do play a major role in determining a child's intelligence, but correct lifestyle during pregnancy ensures that these genes are well-programmed in the womb.

There are several good habits to follow, which will make the foetus clever. If you take a look at these habits that are mentioned below, you will understand how it has an impact on your child's brain.

On the other hand, we are sure that you have been practicing some of these habits too.

If you are, continue to do so and if not, make sure you add them to your daily journal. So, mamas-to-be, take a good look at some of these motherly habits that will make your growing foetus clever:


The Touch:

When you are alone, massage the tummy. There is a thin line standing between your baby and the outside world. So, when you touch the tummy, the foetus will be able to connect with you on a certain level, and this connection does help in the baby's growth.


Music Helps Too:

Music helps one to de-stress and relax; and during pregnancy, it is important to feel relaxed and calm at all times. Therefore, good and soulful music can help improve the foetus's growth.


Build Positivity Around You:

Did you know that what goes inside you as knowledge is shared with the foetus growing inside of you. Yes, so it is important that you only keep your mind away from everything negative.


The Sun Is Good For You:

A 20-minute walk in the sun is ideally very good for the foetus. Vitamin D helps in the child's growth and it promotes better immunity and bone strength too. So, take that walk for the betterment of your child.


Before You Sleep:

Reading during the day is good for you no doubt. But reading at night is ideally the best for the foetus, as it enhances the baby's brain power; and this in turn helps the baby to relax too, which is good for the brain development. On the other hand, it will help you release feel-good hormones that work wonders for the baby's brain.


A Good Diet Is The Best:

Having a balanced diet is a must. Eating the right foods and providing your body with a good amount of nutrients and proteins will only ensure good strength and development of the foetus.


Get To The Gym:

During pregnancy, it is necessary to go to the gym. Staying active and fit even while pregnant is important, as it not only benefits your health during the nine months, but also aids in bringing a beautiful and healthy baby into the world.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 18, 2016, 14:00 [IST]
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