7 Mistakes That Prevent You From Getting Pregnant

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Couples are desperate to have a baby, if they are not blessed with one for more than a year or so. However, being so desperate means that you are inviting stress and frustration into your life. Note that all this can further decrease the chances of your conception.

Remember, getting pregnant is a natural process and it may take its own time. If everything is fine with you then have patience and avoid some common mistakes that are preventing you from getting pregnant.

Having said that, it is natural to feel anxious when all your friends have babies and you are the only black sheep in the herd. All you can do is to change your thought process and think positive. Eat foods that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Avoid stress and enjoy time with your spouse and don't always sing the song of a baby. The time you stop worrying about it, you will for sure get a positive result in your pregnancy test. However, here are some common mistakes that can prevent you from getting pregnant.

Read on the article to know the mistakes that you are unknowingly committing that is preventing you from getting pregnant.


Not Knowing Your Ovulation Day

This is very important to note and you must have an intercourse at least 3 days before and 3 days after your ovulation period. This can increase the chances of you getting pregnant by 30 percent. It is somewhat a hard job to find out the exact day of your ovulation. However, you must have sex on alternate days too, as a sperm can live inside the uterus for about 3 to 4 days.


Using A Lubricant During Intercourse

If you are using any sort of a lubricant during your intercourse then it can prevent you from getting pregnant. Lubricants have sperm-killing properties, as they contain ingredients such as nonoxynol-9. This ingredient can kill the sperms, thereby reducing the chances of a conception.


Not Considering The Age

With a progressing age, the fertility of a woman tends to decrease. Ovulation and egg count are at their peak when you are 25 till about the age of 28. When you reach 35 years of age, your egg count decreases by 30 percent. Therefore, try to conceive as early as possible.


Having Too Much Sex

When you pressurise your partner to have too much sex, this can further decrease his sperm count. Let him indulge in the sexual act himself, without any force. This will help you in getting pregnant fast, as his sperm count will be more at the time he's not pressurised. However, make sure you are having it every other day.


Thinking That You Will Conceive Overnight

Living in the misconception that you will conceive in the first attempt is wrong. Since you live in the hope that you will conceive fast, this can cause stress and prevent ovulation. Doctors say that it normally takes a year to get pregnant; however, if it is taking more time do consult a doctor.


You Are Gaining Weight And Stressed

Your weight plays an important role in your conception. If you are obese then the chances of your conception can decrease due to the hormonal imbalance and many other issues related to obesity. Hence, do some exercise or go for a walk to increase your fertility. Stress can also decrease the chances of you getting pregnant faster.


You Have Bad Habits

Your bad habits such as smoking and drinking (applied for both men and women) can prevent you from getting pregnant fast. Apart from this, eating junk foods, oily foods and avoiding fresh fruits and veggies can also cause problems in conception.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 7, 2016, 12:00 [IST]
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