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I Get Migraine Headache. Is There Anything I Should Know Before Getting Pregnant?

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Women feel handcuffed, and rightly so, when they're pregnant and suffering from a severe headache.

Typically, nearly all women will simply take a painkiller for their excruciating headache, but the well-being of their unborn baby now takes precedence over their suffering.

Taking analgesic can cause harm to the baby, so this option is no longer available. Hence, the only option left is to use natural treatment approaches, but which ones?

Things To About Migraine Before Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman's life and it requires a female to go through some pretty huge and amazing changes to both their lives and their body. Not only will the newborn change their life tremendously, but certain bodily changes will also occur during pregnancy, especially due to the wild hormonal changes that take place in the body.

Things To About Migraine Before Pregnancy

Headaches are probably the most typical types of pain experienced during pregnancy and fluctuations in bodily hormone levels, especially oestrogen, which can play an important role in causing them. Women who've never experienced a migraine attack before frequently experience their first one during pregnancy.

More often than not, these attacks occur throughout the first trimester and become less frequent throughout the latter two trimesters, but no matter when they happen, they are quite painful.

Things To About Migraine Before Pregnancy

First thing that has to be done is to find the cause. Hormonal changes are the biggest culprits here, but it is not the only one. Headaches during pregnancy may also be caused by a poor posture. Poor posture is more prone to cause a headache throughout the third trimester, which may be reduced by maintaining a proper posture.

Things To About Migraine Before Pregnancy

Other causes of headaches during pregnancy include lack of sleep, hunger, stress, dehydration or a low blood sugar level. Obvious relief methods for these headache causes will be reducing stress, improving sleep habits, drinking ample amount of water and eating smaller quantities of meals more often.

A lot of women who drink coffee will quit once they find out that they are pregnant. Caffeine withdrawal may also cause frequent headaches, and the symptoms are most severe when the consumption is completely stopped all at once.

Things To About Migraine Before Pregnancy

Gradually, weaning yourself from coffee will stop or at least lessen the effects greatly. If you're thinking about getting pregnant, you should wean yourself off coffee prior to getting pregnant in the first place.

Most analgesics aren't recommended during pregnancy, so these should usually be avoided. Other popular natural relief approaches like taking herbs such as feverfew and butterbur are also not recommended for women who are pregnant.

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