How To Recover From A Miscarriage

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A miscarriage is defined as the self conclusion of the pregnancy, often times due to chromosomal problems, unhealthy lifestyle of the mother or health state of the mother prior to becoming pregnant. Every woman who is pregnant and is below 35 years age has a 10-15% probability of having a miscarriage.

How To Recover From A Miscarriage

The likelihood of miscarriage after the first trimester decreases. While almost all women keep themselves healthy hoping things will work out well, miscarriage might still happen. Almost all women and couples go through months of physical and mental turmoil till they eventually completely recuperate from the ill-fated event.

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Physical restoration: The body takes time to heal after a miscarriage. Some days after the miscarriage, the pregnancy symptoms disappear slowly. Within one or two weeks, the bleeding should stop whether or not the lady has had a D&C, also referred to as dilatation and curettage, depending at what stage the miscarriage has occurred.

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The risks of infection can be high during these times. To prevent any infection, one should avoid placing anything into the vagina till the bleeding has totally stopped. Briefly avoid tampons, sexual contact or douching. In case the bleeding continues or increases along with fever or serious cramping, take this as a clue to see your doctor as these are signs of complications.

Medicines prescribed by the doctor should be taken regularly and one should go to the doctor for regular checkups to avoid future complications.

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Psychological restoration: Unlike physical restoration, the emotional aspect might look more strenuous, more serious and more challenging to deal with. Most couples are surprised of the various emotions that can be experienced after they lose their baby. Especially the ladies, as they feel guilty and wind up blaming themselves for the loss.

A woman suffering from a miscarriage should be allowed to grieve. One should be given the opportunity to grieve over the loss. Most depressed mothers find support from their companions or from their families and friends. More than just immediate members of the family, support groups made specifically for ladies who had a miscarriage might additionally be a big help.

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