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Foods You Should Never Consume During Pregnancy

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Eating a well-balanced diet is crucial during pregnancy. The developing baby needs all the vitals vitamins, minerals and nutrients for its proper growth. A mother to-be should inculcate a healthy food practice. Pregnancy can affect the immune system at times. Where in both the baby and mother can be susceptible to virus and bacterial invasions.

So, a pregnant woman has to be extra careful about the choice of her food. She should inculcate into healthy food habits. There are certain foods that pregnant women must refrain from consuming and it is our duty to guide you on the foods that you must avoid if you're expecting.

Expecting mothers should avoid foods to protect the health of the baby. Sea foods that contain high mercury levels should be avoided, as it could be harmful to the baby. A pregnant lady must also say no to caffeinated beverages, as they may cause a low birth weight.

Even though craving for food is normal during pregnancy, expecting mothers should not eat everything they desire for! Therefore, in this article, we at Boldsky will be listing out some of the foods that you should never consume during your pregnancy phase. So, read on to know more about it and make sure you stay away from these foods.

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Alcohol: Alcohol is a definite NO during pregnancy because it gets into the bloodstream through the placenta and hampers the growth of the baby. It also increases the risk of a miscarriage and still birth. In certain cases, it can even cause a low birth weight in the baby.

Unpasteurised Milk And Dairy Products: Unpasteurised milk contains disease-causing microbes that can cause infection called listeriosis. This infection can be devastating and deadly to an unborn baby. Therefore, pregnant women must never consume unpasteurised milk and other dairy products.

Caffeine : Consuming caffeinated beverages has been linked to increased miscarriages. Too much of caffeine intake can minimise the ability to absorb iron that can further lead to anaemia. It can also increase the blood pressure and heart beat, which is harmful to both the baby and the mother.

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Sea Food: When you consume sea food during pregnancy, the risk of ingesting bacteria and parasites along with the food is too high. Fishes that contain a high mercury content must be strictly avoided, as they can cause ill effects in the body.

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Soft Cheese: Soft cheese may contain listeria, a bacteria that is known to cause a discomfort during pregnancy. Therefore, it advisable to avoid soft cheese, as it is unsafe to eat and is made up of unpasteurised milk.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 9, 2016, 9:31 [IST]
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