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Effects Of Listening To Music During Pregnancy

Music makes a large difference in the life of humans, right from the time they are safe in their mother's womb. Yes, music makes a difference to the development of fetus when the mother is pregnant. There are many benefits and effects of listening to music during pregnancy. But, the effects depend on the type of music you listen to.

In this article we shall discuss a few effects of listening to music during pregnancy and listening to music with earphones. During pregnancy one should listen to calm an soothing music. It is said that listening to peaceful music relaxes the mind of both the mother and the child.

Some benefits of listening to music during pregnancy are listed below:

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Increases hearing capabilities - Listening to music with earphone during pregnancy is said to increase the hearing capabilities and concentration skills of the baby. This is yet not totally proved, but many researchers believe in this fact. After a certain development, babies can perceive sound and react to it as well. Therefore, listening to music during pregnancy will help in increasing hearing of the baby. Concentration enhancement is a effect of listening to music during pregnancy.

Improves reacting and playing - It is observed sometimes that the baby reacts to and moves when listening to some sounds. Therefore, try listening to music during pregnancy. This will help the baby to react and will improve the baby's movements. The baby reactions will make the baby to have continuous motions. It is good to have your baby on the move frequently. You can also listen to music with earphones for better effects. Improved movement is an effect of listening to music during pregnancy.

Personality - It is said that the music you listen when you are pregnant will help to improve and make the personality of your baby. This is quite not proven yet. But, the personality of the kid may get affected a little because of the music you listen. Calm and soft music will make the baby calm. A lot of club hits might make the kid a dancer. All these effects of listening to music during pregnancy are like myths. You never know if they are true, but they are worth giving a try.

After Birth Effects - There are certain after birth effects of listening to music during pregnancy. It is said that if the baby listens to the music that the mother used to listen to when pregnant,the baby calms down. The music can act as a lullaby as well. This proves that the baby remembers the music you listen to when pregnant. Therefore, make sure you listen to good classical or sweet music which will help in brain development of the child. Avoid hard rock and metal, that may just make the baby weird by birth itself!

Story first published: Wednesday, March 12, 2014, 17:59 [IST]
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