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Benefits Of Drinking Milk During Pregnancy

The benefits of milk for everyone is indisputable. Except for those with lactose intolerance, milk is beneficial for almost everyone. Milk contains a lot of nutrients which is essential for growth and development. It is for this reason that our elders advice us to drink at least one glass of milk in a day.

Coming to the point of the benefits of drinking milk during pregnancy, milk is a rich source of nutrients for pregnant women. Milk is an ideal source of calcium, proteins and vitamins which is extremely essential for pregnant women. Research has found that expectant mothers who drank one cup or no milk in a day gave birth to smaller babies as compared to mothers who drank sufficient quantity of milk. A pregnant woman is ideally advised to consume at least three cups or milk or dairy products in a day.


Non fat or skimmed milk is a better and healthier option for pregnant women than whole cream milk which contains high amount of fat. Let us take a look at the benefits of drinking milk during pregnancy.



Your body, during the time of pregnancy, needs sufficient amount of calcium. Milk is the best source for the same. If there is a calcium deficiency in your body during this time, you will lose calcium from your bones to meet your baby's need for it. So, it is advisable to drink three cups of milk per day during pregnancy.



Low protein in your body will lead to decreased birth weight for your baby. Protein is very important for your body during pregnancy. It helps in building the uterus, blood supply, nourishes the breasts and baby tissues. Drinking low fat milk everyday will meet more than one-third of your protein needs during pregnancy.


Vitamin D

Milk is an important source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential to prevent neonatal rickets and low birth weight. Drinking milk will meet your vitamin D requirements by about 59%.



Milk is a wonderful antacid. Heartburn is a common condition during pregnancy. Drinking cold milk helps to relieve heartburn and other gastric problems.



Milk helps to keep you hydrated. Keeping yourself hydrated during pregnancy is very important for you as well as your baby. It makes up for all the fluid loss in your body.

Story first published: Tuesday, April 8, 2014, 18:00 [IST]
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