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Be Smart n Have A Safe Pregnancy

By: Sindhu Bharadwaj
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Pregnancy is considered to be the most sensitive phase in a woman's life. A small careless step could lead to devastating consequences leaving a mother crestfallen. It is of utmost importance that a woman takes necessary precautions during pregnancy and make sure she provides the right care & nutrition to her baby.

In order to have a safe and sound pregnancy one must prepare the body well in advance to undergo the changes during pregnancy. Be it hormonal changes, physiological or psychological changes. So, if you're planning for a baby, it is important to make sure you are healthy enough to welcome a new life.

It is also very important to be calm, patient and composed. A lot of women go through endless stress which reflects on the uterus thereby making it weak and leading to infertility. Physical exercise also plays an important role in keeping one's body free of diseases and stress. A minor variation in your body during pregnancy could be fatal for the baby leading to other complications.

Here are a few tips to have a safe and smart pregnancy-


Prenatal visit

Make sure you get a general check-up done for all your vitals before you plan to conceive. This will paint a clear visibility for your chance of getting pregnant.


Avoid OCP

If you are using contraceptive pills, you will have to stop them atleast 3 months before you start planning for a baby as this helps to check your menstrual cycle regularity.


Start prenatals

Starting prenatal multi-vitamin supplements at least 3 months in advance can increase your chances of fertility and also helps the baby grow healthily throughout pregnancy.


Say no to alcohol and smoking

This could mean serious trouble for your baby. Stay away from smoking and alcohol as nicotine could cause lung and brain defects in the baby.


Eat right and eat well

A diet rich in greens, fruits and vegetables is essential for a healthy mother and child. Avoid pineapple, papaya, jackfruit, til seeds and raw banana.


Yoga and meditation

Prenatal yoga and meditation are proven to be very beneficial for expectant mothers as it relieves stress and also helps in normal delivery.



Consult your doctor before travelling and make sure you are fit enough to travel during pregnancy. Air travel is said to be safe for most pregnant women up to 36 weeks. However, depending on your blood pressure and other vital signs these decisions are to be taken. Avoid sitting/driving in the car for long hours.


Emotional support

If you have turbulent emotional situations at home it may seem hard for the new life to take the stress. It is extremely important to have a positive and stress-free environment at home or office as this may affect the weight of the baby and suffer pre- mature or stillborn death or homicide.


Relaxation techniques

Practising relaxation techniques at least once a day helps you with normal delivery. Nadi shuddi pranayam helps a lot.


Stay happy

Being happy makes your baby smile from within and you pass the good vibes to your child. Make sure nothing stifles your happiness during pregnancy and you soak yourself in bliss and joy through the most beautiful phase of your life.

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Story first published: Saturday, March 30, 2013, 14:02 [IST]
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