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Navratri Fasting Tips For Pregnant Women

Fasting is the most important custom of Navratri. But fasting during pregnancy is a debatable topic. If you are going through a normal and healthy pregnancy, fasting will not have much effect on you or the child. But if you already have complications in your pregnancy the it is better to avoid fasting at this point of time.

During the first trimester, your baby is in a very sensitive stage. It is better not to observe fast during this period. Similarly, fasting during the third trimester of pregnancy is also not safe. However, if you feel healthy and are strong enough then you can fast but only with the due consultation with your doctor. Besides Navratri fasting rules are not too strict and you can fast by consuming the healthy fasting dishes from time to time. Remember that your baby depends on you for nutrition. So, avoid going completely without food when fasting.

Here are a few Navratri fasting tips to follow during pregnancy. Do keep these things in mind before you decide to go on a fast this Navratri:


Do Not Go Without Water

The most important rule for pregnant women who are fasting is to avoid fasting without water. Your baby is completely dependent on your for all the nutrition and hydration. So, never fast without water.


Consult The Doctor

Do not decide about fasting on your own. Consult your doctor first. If your doctor feels that it is safe enough to fast only then decide on keeping a fast.


Eat Healthy

Under any circumstance do not deprive your body of food completely. You and your baby needs the energy when you are pregnant. Keep eating fresh fruits and other edible items which are allowed during fasting.


No Prolonged Fast

Some people go out of the way when they are fasting. But you are not in a position to do so when you are pregnant. So, avoid fasting for a very long time. Prolonged fasting can lead to a number of problems like weakness, anemia, fatigue, acidity and headaches.


Salt Is Good

Some people go without salt when they fast. But this can lead to weakness. Never avoid salt when you are pregnant and fasting. It can lead to various problems for your baby.


Rest Is Crucial

Never ignore the signs your body gives you while you are pregnant. If you feel weak and sleepy then do not ignore. Go and take rest. Getting adequate sleep is a must if you are fasting during pregnancy.


Fluids Are Essential

Never cut down on your intake of fluid while you are fasting. Have lots of buttermilk, fresh juice, milk and of course water.

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