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Massaging Breasts During Pregnancy


Most women are very worried about their changing form during pregnancy. They are bothered by the fact that they put on weight and also have enlarged breasts. While you can still try to lose belly fat after pregnancy, it is a little hard to reduce breast size. That is why massing breasts during pregnancy is actually essential.

There are many benefits of massaging breasts during pregnancy. Breast massage helps your skin expand and also soothes sore breasts. There are also other advantages of massaging breasts during pregnancy. For example, breast massage prevents stretch marks as well.

Here are some of the main reasons why massaging breasts during pregnancy is absolutely essential.

Stretch Marks

As you put on weight and lactating muscles get enlarged, the skin over your breasts will get stretched. Using some essential body oils like almond oil or olive oil and massaging your breasts during pregnancy will help you to prevent stretch marks on your breasts.

Pain Relief

During pregnancy, your mammary glands are already functional. That is one of the reasons why your breasts get enlarged. This enlargement causes pain and soreness in the breast. A nice relaxing breast massage can help you get relieved of some pain and discomfort.


When the skin gets stretched to its maximum limits, it breaks easily. It is not uncommon to have redness and itchy sensations under your breasts during pregnancy. So massaging your breasts during pregnancy prevents this itchy feeling because it keeps your skin supple.

Nipple Enlargement

Your nipple will also be naturally enlarged with the rest of your breast. However, sometimes massaging helps to enlarge the nipple further. A bigger nipple size helps you while breastfeeding your baby. If the nipple is too small, then the baby finds it difficult to suck milk.

Point To Note: You must remember one important point while massaging your breasts during pregnancy; during this time, your breasts tend to sag. So always do a breast massage in the upward direction. Never pull your breasts down during a massage. This helps to perk up your bosom.

These are some of the benefits of massaging your breasts during pregnancy.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 8, 2013, 4:04 [IST]
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