Third Month Pregnancy: Week By Week

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3rd Month Pregnancy: Week By Week
Third month of your pregnancy is crucial in many ways. As you already know, it is the end of your first trimester of pregnancy so basically you will be moving from the first phase to the second phase of your carrying term. This includes a plethora of physical and emotional changes in you and your baby so to break your pregnancy week by week now gives you clear idea of what to expect and when.

Here is a week by week pregnancy break down when you are in the third month of pregnancy.

Third Month Pregnancy: Week 9

  • You are probably at your worst when it comes to nausea and morning sickness. If your case is bad then you will repel the sight of food but you need to keep eating lots of iron and calcium in your food.
  • Your baby will now be connected to you via the umbilical cord that is connected to the placenta, firmly in its place now.
  • Now that your baby is has lost its tail, it looks less like a tadpole and more human.
  • Weight gain is still minimum and there is no reason to fear that you are 'showing'.

Week 10:

  • Now that you are ten months pregnant your baby is a fetus from just a cluster of cells. It now has a name of its own.
  • Its limbs and fingers are getting longer though they are still webbed.
  • You have not felt your baby kick (it is still too small to make its presence felt) yet but you can see its natural movements in the ultrasound scans.
  • Genetic disorders or congenital defects will not develop after this week so in a way the hard part is over. But any tests like amniocentesis or anomaly tests need to be scheduled by your gynecologist this week.
  • Termination of pregnancy gets tougher by the day do the test as soon as possible.

Week 11:

  • Your pregnancy broken up week by week gives an insight into the last month of your pregnancy in the first trimester. By now your baby has gender and it is visible in the ultrasound.
  • You need to be on a diet rich in calcium because your baby's bones will start hardening in this week.
  • The third month of your pregnancy will show on your waistline but you can still hide it with loose clothes.
  • Start massaging cocoa butter lotions on your stomach, breasts and hips to minimize stretch marks.

Week 12:

  • You can now be slightly relieved because you will enter a slightly less risky period of your prenatal stage as far as miscarriages are concerned.
  • Your baby's kidney's are mean while producing urine that is being removed via the umbilical cord.
  • You need the first vestiges of sweat glands, skin and fingernails.
  • You may have bleeding gums due to excess blood flow from your hormones. Dental health is on your priority list.

This what the third month of your pregnancy would be like.

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Story first published: Monday, February 6, 2012, 12:16 [IST]
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