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Sixth Month Pregnancy: Week By Week

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Sixth Month Pregnant
The sixth month of your pregnancy is a very happy time. The initial discomfort of your first months are gone totally and you are still not bloated enough to have trouble moving around. As your pregnancy advances week by week there are new situations you will face. While you are 'happily' pregnant now you will slowly have to prepare yourself for childbirth.

Here is a week by week break up of your pregnancy so that you cope better.

Sixth Month Pregnancy: Week 21

  • By now you are used to the idea of being pregnant and you look totally pregnant. Your maternity wardrobe should be in place.
  • Your baby is developing teeth, not to bite but just the stags of the teeth within it's gums that will develop later.
  • Another important development is a protective covering generated by the baby's oil glands to keep the skin hydrated in the amniotic sac. It is called vernix caseosa

Week 22:

  • By now you would also be used to your baby kicking at regular times that will continue vehemently throughout your second trimester of pregnancy as your baby's muscles get stronger by the day.
  • Your baby now not only has eyes but eyelids too so he or she can blink at you. You will feel its hi coughs and burps as small vibrations in your womb.
  • The heartbeat of your baby is now audible even without the stethoscope. If the dad to be puts his ears on your tummy, he can hear the baby's heart pound.

Week 23:

  • Your 22 weeks feotus now looks remarkably like a human baby. The body has grown to match with the disproportionately large head. It is almost taking form of its birth.
  • You need to start preparing yourself mentally and physically for childbirth in the sixth month of pregnancy. As your pregnancy grows week by week you will have to start getting in shape to deliver.
  • Prenatal exercises are something you should consider seriously. Join a class to be in a flexibly body frame.
  • Prenatal exercises are known to increase chances of vaginal delivery and thus reduce complications so start them from the sixth month of pregnancy itself.

Week 24:

  • Your baby is no more transparent. There is some semblance of colour on it now. You can consider it the first stage of developing a complexion.
  • You will have to go for mid pregnancy ultra sound scan now to see the exact position and number of weeks of the feotus. If the doctor deems it necessary then an anomaly test can too can be done in this month.
  • You will have to battle minor discomforts like constipation and haemorrhoids. Usually your rump is worst affected because of the increased blood volume and it might lead to some bleeding while passing faeces.
  • Use an ice pack to soothe your bulging veins and avoid laxatives.

The sixth month of your pregnancy and the countdown begins.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 9, 2012, 14:57 [IST]
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