Plus Size Pregnancy: Tips To Be Comfortable

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Plus Size Pregnancy
Being plus size before your pregnancy has many far reaching health risks. But with modern science and a reliable doctor, you can overcome them. However, the discomfort of being overweight during your pregnancy is a battle, that you have to fight alone. Most expectant mothers are uncomfortable with their growing size, when they are pregnant. If you are overweight, then your problem is a notch more complex.

You can try to be comfortable during your pregnancy; being plus size should not be an inhibition there. If you follow these pregnancy tips, you can make your pregnancy a happier time to remember.

Ways To Make Plus Size Pregnancy Comfortable:

1. Get The Right Clothing: Your maternity clothes play a pivotal role in your pregnancy. If you are overweight during pregnancy, then you will need plus size pregnancy clothes. There are maternity clothes for every size; you just have to find them. Do not try to fit into regular pregnancy clothes because you are embarrassed about your weight. Your comfort is a top priority when you are pregnant.

2. Customized Clothing: If you feel that you cannot fit comfortably into any of the ready made clothes, try getting some stitched. That way, you will get the freedom to customize it as per your body dimensions. Try wearing loose frocks and skirts. Avoid pants as the friction between your legs might bruise your thighs.

3. Maternity Footwear: Any kind of maternity footwear is flat and has a solid grip. But in your case, it will have to be well padded too. This is so that your feet are cushioned. As you are overweight during pregnancy, your body weight cannot be supported by normal shoes. Always prefer sports shoes; sneakers or canvas shoes to slippers or flip flops.

4. Comfortable On The Move: The obstruction of movement is the most irritating part being plus size in your pregnancy. There is not much you can do to change that. What you can do is travel in bigger vehicles and push your seat back as much as you can. Walk slowly and deliberately to balance your bulk properly.

5. Day To Day Stuff: Your day to day chores, like taking a bath or lying down becomes a challenge during pregnancy. Bending is a problem because you can hardly see your feet. Try taking your baths sitting down on a stool or in the bathtub. When you are lying down, break the movement into parts. Go to a half sitting position, sit down, raise your legs and then, slowly lower yourself into a sleeping position.

Being plus size during pregnancy can be handled if you are patient with your problems.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 4, 2012, 14:34 [IST]
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