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Ninth Month Pregnancy: Week By Week

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Ninth Month Pregnancy
If you are in your ninth month of pregnancy then the wait is almost over, you may deliver anytime now. As your pregnancy advances week by week, the due date comes closer and your baby gets ready to be born. Your goal in the last month of your pregnancy should be to rest as much as possible and garner the strength to go through the labour pains.

A thorough analysis of your pregnancy in the ninth month (35 to 40 weeks) can help you cope better with the prospect of delivering a baby that can come upon you many moment now.

Pregnancy Ninth Month: Week 35

  • Although you are in the last few weeks of your prenatal stage, you baby is not completely ready to be born. The lung movements are still jerky and the insulating layer of fat under the skin has not yet developed.
  • Your baby will kick less often and move even little because there is hardly any room for movement.
  • Mom to be on the other hand should move as much as possible but do not walk long distances or stand for a long time as the blood will accumulate in your legs making them swell.

Week 36:

  • Your baby blinks a lot during this time trying hard to get used to the harsh light outside. Babies have evolved now. They are no more born with closed eyes. They stare right back in the doctor's face these days!
  • The protective layer covering your baby, the verix is almost disappearing and the baby is getting plumper by the day. The wrinkled skin of the tadpole like foetus has now become fresh and pink.
  • However some of this is water weight that will be shed soon after birth.
  • You must eat small amounts and not at once because there is hardly any space left in your abdomen to accommodate excess food. Refluxes at this time are common.

Week 37:

  • By now your baby must be taking its 'birth' position with the head downwards and crouched. If your pregnancy advances week by week, and this position is taken, then your chances of caesarian birth increase.
  • An ultrasound scan is due at about this time of your ninth month of pregnancy to get a clear picture of your baby's position.
  • If there are any irregularities then you should start fixing a date for a c section with your gynecologist.

Week 38 & 39:

  • You can start expecting labour pains from the 38th week of your pregnancy. You can wait for it till your 39th week. Very few pregnancies actually go into the 40th week.
  • Only if your baby is in position and everything is normal will the doctor wait till the 40th week. Otherwise a planned ceasar will take place in the ninth month of your pregnancy.
  • You need to watch for signs of labour pains or your water bursting in which case you need to be hospitalised immediately.
  • Labour contractions are rhythmic and increase as time goes by so do not be deceived by false labour.

This is a week by week pregnancy analysis of your last month.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 16, 2012, 15:20 [IST]
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