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Hospital Bag For Delivery: Things To Pack

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Hospital Bag Delivery
It is almost the end of your term, and you are just getting ready to go into labour. When you are relaxing at home, waiting to open God's surprise package for you, you might as well do some packing for your trip to the hospital. Your hospital bag, when you are going for your baby's delivery, must contain some essentials. If this is your first time, then you will not have a clue what to pack.

This checklist of pregnancy things to take along can help you. When you are packing your hospital bag for your first child birth, keep these essentials in mind.

Hospital Bag: Things To Pack

1. Change Of Clothes: While you are at the hospital, you will be wearing the patient's uniform given to you. So do not stuff your bag with clothes. You are going to the hospital, not on a vacation. One or maximum 2 change of clothes is enough.

2. Change Of Undergarments: You do not know how many day you will be staying at the hospital. In that case, what you really will need is fresh undergarments. Especially panties are very much needed as you might wet a few with vaginal discharge. Carry at least 5 to 8 pairs with you.

3. Sanitary Napkins: It is usual for the new mother to have vaginal bleeding or discharge immediatelyafter the baby is born. So, carry a full pack of sanitary napkins with you. Tampons in this situation may not be very comfortable.

4. Your Favourite Book Or Music: Going into labour is not an immediate process. It is very time consuming. Your cramps may not start at once. So, you will have a lot of free time on your hands when you won't know what to do. Better kill that time doing something nice like reading or listening music than getting tensed about the baby's delivery.

5. Hot Water Bag: The hospital may or may not provide you one. You keep this item for your comfort in the hospital bag. It will help you relax, in the recuperating time after child birth.

6. Clean Cloth: You must have at least 2 rolls of sterilized and soft cloth rolls with you. This is to wrapup your baby just after it is born. The baby after delivery is very delicate so better wrap it in cloth softened by use. New clothes might be too harsh on his or her baby soft skin.

7. Feeding Bottles: If you have a C-section or in the event of unforeseen circumstances, you may not be able to breast feed the baby. Carry some feeding bottles with you as a part of your pregnancy checklist.

Use these pregnancy tips to pack your hospital bag wisely. Do not be in a haste and miss out on important things.

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Story first published: Monday, April 2, 2012, 16:27 [IST]
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