Are You Expecting A Baby Girl?

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Pregnant With A Girl
Almost all couples expecting a baby what to know the gender of their baby. Some get to know it via ultrasound tests and others wait to open the surprise package for 9 months. Most parents in the West can know easily whether the mother is pregnant with a girl or boy; in the East it is not so easy. Our cultural preference towards boys has lead to unscrupulous practices.

As medical determination of baby's gender is illegal in some countries, you can try some of these tricks to know if you are pregnant with a girl child. These symptoms do not exhibit themselves until much later in the prenatal stages, so there is no fear of them being misused.

Symptoms To Know You Are Expecting A Baby Girl:

1. You Will Glow: It is an age old belief that when a woman is expecting a baby girl, she becomes prettier in her carrying stage. The cheeks will be flushed red and rosy. You will put on weight gracefully. An expecting woman at this stage can be called pleasantly plump. The coming baby girl adds a touch of feminine bliss to the mothers features. In one word, you will be blooming.

2. Baby Bump Will Be Huge: There is no scientific proof for this but mothers and grandmothers say this from experience. If you are pregnant with a baby girl, then the belly grows to enormous proportion, starting from the 6th month. You tend to put on weight almost everywhere. Your hips will swell so will your thighs and face.

3. Symptom-Less Pregnancy: When you are expecting a baby, nausea and morning sickness are normal symptoms. But if you feel neither pukish nor light headed, then either you are lucky, or else its a baby girl! Some women claim that they almost lost track of the fact that they are pregnant. If not for the bulging belly, they would not know at all.

4. Craving Sweets: It is an old midwife's superstition that when you are pregnant with a female child, you crave for sweets. Craving during pregnancy is nature's way of giving you the nutrients you in which you are deficient. May be the female feotus gets its fill of nutrients from sweets. There might be a genetic connection here that has not yet been confirmed by science.

5. Heart Beat: If your baby's heartbeat is faster than 140 then there is a good chance that it will be a girl. You prenatal care schedule will include regular check ups. So when your doctor records your baby's heartbeat, keep a tab on it. Most often the heart beat fluctuates from time to time. If it is consistently above 140, then you have a real chance.

You can use these tricks to know if you are expecting a baby girl but do not take them as absolute truth. After all, it is only an educated guess.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 28, 2012, 16:09 [IST]
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