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All About Prenatal Vaginal Discharge

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Prenatal Vaginal Discharge
During pregnancy, a woman doesn't have bleeding but she secretes thick fluid or mucus known as vaginal discharge. Also known as leucorrhoea, it is a mild, smelly milky discharge. This vaginal discharge during the prenatal stage is common due to the increased estrogen level and blood flow in the vagina.

Is it dangerous?

The vaginal discharge is not dangerous as it is a process of keeping the vagina clean and healthy. The white creamy discharge thickens gradually when the cervix widens and dilutes. The vaginal discharge during this prenatal stage will emit the mucus in gelatinous drop similar to an egg white. In the first and second trimester, this secretion is normal. Even few drops of blood is also possible. If the creamy discharge is heavy then consult your doctor.

When to see the doctor?

Consult a doctor if the discharge is green or yellow colored. Even pink or brown colored smelly discharge are secreted by few women. If the discharge is followed by burning or itchy vagina, it might be a sign of vaginal or yeast infection. Consul the doctor immediately.

If the vaginal discharge during the prenatal stage increases in the last trimester then consult the doctor. Watery discharge or bleeding are signs of pre-term labor. Visit the doctor.

What to do?

Always check the vaginal discharge during the prenatal stage. Even if it is doesn't burn or itch, it is good to check ever time to see the colour. If the vaginal discharge is left untreated, it can lead to infections. So, see if the discharge has a foul smell, green, yellow or gray colour then it is an infection. Pain in the lower abdomen like menstrual cramps and blood spots for more than one day should be reported to the doctor.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 13, 2011, 15:54 [IST]
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