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Ideas To Make A Pregnancy Announcement Special!

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Pregnancy Announcement
You are pregnant and ready to share the news with your near and dear ones; in that case you need some really creative pregnancy announcement ideas. There are many reasons why couples hide their pregnancy from the world. Sometimes you want to wait for a few weeks to be sure or see that everything is fine. Some couples wait out the first trimester to protect the pregnancy from prying eyes and announce when they cannot hide the baby bump anymore. Sometimes you would want to make this good news a surprise for your partner too!

Here are some great pregnancy tips to make a pregnancy announcement that no one will forget.

Ideas For An Unforgettable Pregnancy Announcement:

  • Your pregnancy is an experience of a lifetime and thus it should be remembered for the great surprise you gave those who you are close to. The best time to make an pregnancy announcement is when all your friends and family are together at the dinner table.
  • Don't just raise a toast, make it funny. If you are raising toast you could say something like, 'To my little sister who is going to be my baby's godmother and now that it happens in 6 months may be she could get some practice with these books!' Imagine the shock of delight it will be.
  • Weddings, birthday parties and family get-togethers are great occasions to spread the good news. As it is December and Santa is on his way, your pregnancy during Christmas can be double bonanza for your loved ones. Make your pregnancy the Christmas gift they will never forget.
  • You can use the above idea literally. When you are sending out Christmas cards or gifts, send a Post Script note announcing your pregnancy and get ready to attend rushed excited phone calls of congratulations.
  • If you want to be more dramatic then you can pass a small packed gift containing your pregnancy test report and your wish list for the baby shower and distribute it among your Christmas dinner guests. Ask them all to open it at once and it will be a surprise they will tell your kid about ten years later.
  • You cannot wait for your baby bump to show to give your parents the good news. You could send a mail to them saying, 'Mama and Papa, give me all my old toys for this Christmas because I am going to need them soon to decorate my own nursery'. The would be grandparents would be thrilled.
  • The most dramatic way of confirming the rumour is to show off your baby bump. Wear a really tight fitting or short top to work that makes your pregnancy evident. The question will be asked on its own and you can answer. It might be a great way to ask for maternity leave!

Never make this pregnancy announcement business too loud; keep it amongst close friends and family. You can throw a huge party when the baby is born.

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Story first published: Monday, December 5, 2011, 12:45 [IST]
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