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Teenage Pregnancy And It's Health Risk

By Priya Devi

Teenage pregnancy is still prevalent even at the times of technological boom. There are pills to prevent pregnancy, laser technology for abortion but still, teenage pregnancy is haunting us. India and US are the two countries with maximum number of girls suffering it.

At times the cause is society, the reason being early marriage, at other times, the cause is lack of sex education among teens. Westernisation and unrestricted exposure to pornography and blue film, is one of the major reasons contributing to the rise in teenage pregnancy. It comes with a lot of health risks, for both the mother and the child.

Health Risks Of Teenage Pregnancy

1.Pregnancy Complication – Pregnancy which occurs to a girl between the age of 13 to 19 is called teenage pregnancy. This stage is biological term is the stage of adolescence. At this time the body is growing. At this time the body parts are not strong enough to support a pregnancy. Conceiving at this time can put both the mothers and child's health at risk. The teenage mother generally suffers, prevalent high blood pressure.

2.Anemia – Anemia is the state of which shows production of low blood cells. This causes fatigue and can lead to many other serious illnesses. Anemia is prevalent at this time because, the body finds it difficult to cope up with the pre-matured pregnancy.

3.Placenta Previa – This is a complication which occurs when the placenta grows at the opening of the cervix. The opening of the cervix being blocked can cause bleeding at the time of labour, which might result in emergency C-section. This is one of the serious complication which can lead to the death of either mother or the child.

4.Pre-eclampsia – This is the state of hypertension or high blood pressure. This results in severe pain, gaining excess weight and pre-matured birth. This can be avoided only with pregnancy care from a reputed doctor. Any such symptom should be traced at the beginning of the problem.

5.Depression – Pregnancy has a great influence on the psychology of a person. Adolescence in itself witnesses hormonal changes and pregnancy at that time adds on to the turmoil. Generally teens tend to submit themselves to acute depression, which has an ill-effect on the mother and on the child.

6.Health Problems – Child born out of early pregnancy generally tends to suffer health problems because the child does not the get the adequate health condition and nutrition from the mother. Young mothers too grow some permanent health problems.

Doctors advice to avoid teenage pregnancy not only for health risks but also because it takes away the youth from the young girl. It's best to stick to the rules of nature.
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Story first published: Monday, September 20, 2010, 17:39 [IST]
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