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Morning Sickness And Some Remedies

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

Morning sickness is suffered by almost 50% of pregnant women and for few it is severe. Unlike the name, morning sickness can trigger any time of the day. The symptoms include feeling of nausea, giddiness and lack of appetite. A pregnant woman suffers sickness in the first trimester.

Though morning sickness is believed to be a common pregnancy trait, it sometimes may lead to excessive dehydration which can cause harm to the baby. It cannot be avoided but the it can be made mild. Here are some morning sickness remedies -

1.Ginger has always been a great help to sickness. Ginger ale, ginger tea or the intake of raw ginger helps to prevent the feeling of nausea and other symptom. It also enhances appetite.

2.It is believed that lack of Vitamin causes sickness. Thus it is advised that a pregnant woman should have take multi-vitamin tablets and include vitamin rich food in her diet. Egg, fish, milk, meat, cheese, green vegetables etc are very good source of Vitamin.

3.Sip on ice cold water all through out the day. This controls the occurrence of sickness. During pregnancy many women complain of not being able to eat despite hunger. Sipping on cold water helps in such a situation.

4.Eat six meals a day and avoid heavy meals. The process of digestion is much slow during pregnancy. Thus, your body finds it difficult to digest heavy meals. Small meals a day helps digestion at the same time makes diet easy for the woman. Also avoid fried and spicy food to maintain the right digestion process.

5.Always eat a protein rich snack before getting out of bed. This helps in subduing the feeling of nausea and also maintains the blood sugar level.

6.Drink Peppermint tea to keep up the energy level.

7.Never stay empty stomach. Empty stomach results in occurrence of gas and acidity, which gives rise to nausea.

8.Involve yourself into some activity. Most of the time the fear of sickness may make you feel sick. Involvement in work helps you to stay distracted.

These eight morning sickness remedies help you stay healthy and happy. Generally signs of sickness fade away after three months of pregnancy. It the sickness goes to the extent of getting you bed ridden, it is best to take doctor advice.

Story first published: Wednesday, November 17, 2010, 15:02 [IST]
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