What If The Baby Bump Doesn't Go Away Even After Delivery?

When do you get a baby bump? During pregnancy, right? What if there's baby bump after delivery? When you get pregnant and gradually as the size of the foetus grows, developing a 'baby bump' is quite natural.

But after the childbirth, the size of the belly decreases and the body comes back to the original shape and size.

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But what happens if the baby bump doesn't go away even after a month? That sounds a bit scary, right? In most of the cases, it comes back to normal size, but in rare cases the bump might remain for some more time!

Here are some facts.


What Happens In Most Of The Cases?

Health experts say that a majority of women may still look like pregnant women even after 1-2 weeks after the child birth. There is nothing to panic. After 2 weeks, the bump generally disappears gradually.

What If The Bump Remains?

If the baby bump seems to appear even after that period then it could be due to the stretched muscles in the abdominal area. Those muscles have still not returned back to their original position in such a case.

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Is It Due To Expanded Uterus Too?

Even the uterus expands during pregnancy. If the stomach looks like a baby bump even after the delivery then it could be due to the enlarged uterus which is taking time to return back to its original size.

Does It Pain?

The expanded uterus needs to shrink back to the pelvis. During the process, mild pain could be experienced.

Is It Due To Fluids?

After delivery, animotic fluid, certain other fluids and even blood may contribute to the bump-like appearance in the tummy.

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Will Things Get Back To Normal?

Health experts say that sooner or later (in a matter of couple of months), things will soon get back to normal and the bump should go away. But if you are concerned, you can consult a gynecologist to know what to do to get rid of the bump after delivery.

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