Urinary Incontinence After Childbirth

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A new study claims that women suffering from urinary incontinence may experience the problem more after giving birth to a child.

This study claims that pregnant women are more likely to suffer urinary incontinence compared to unmarried women.

Urinary Incontinence After Childbirth 1

Generally, women who previously suffered the problem of urinary incontinence tend to suffer it more after childbirth.

After studying more than 9000 women of various age groups, researchers have come to this conclusion.

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Many women over the age of 55 with BMI above 35 tend to suffer urinary incontinence. They need to get up once or twice in the sleep to pass urine.

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Generally, women who undergo normal delivery are prone to this problem compared to women who go for C section. But a small percentage of women who went for C section also reported urinary incontinence.

Urinary Incontinence After Childbirth 1

Obesity, menopause smoking and even genetic predisposition could also increase the chances of suffering urinary incontinence.

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Story first published: Friday, November 11, 2016, 8:23 [IST]
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