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Easy Tips To Get Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back

By Rima Chowdhury

Pregnancy is a vital stage in a woman's life where she deals with loads of physical and emotional swings. Once the pregnancy stage is complete, you are busy dealing with your baby and his/her requirement.

By the time your baby grows up to speak his/her first words, you realise that you have almost gained double the weight than before. Your skin looked like it has been aged and you look obese like never before.

Well, if you want to get back in shape, here are a few tips and tricks that can help you. Take a look.

1. Intake Of Protein Shake

It is very important to consume more amount of protein because it helps to deal with several kinds of craving. Protein is an essential nutrient that helps to boost the production of collagen in the body, thus helping to restore the elasticity of the skin. With an increased amount of protein, it cuts down the intake of extra food and also benefits you with good skin.

2. Walking Or Running

We won't advise you for gym training soon after delivering your baby, but it is always good if you spare some time in walking or running. Doing light exercise for 30 minutes can help to deal with the body weight complication and also strengthen the bones.

3. Exfoliate Your Skin

It is important to exfoliate your skin after pregnancy because during the last months of pregnancy, your skin would have stretched out its maximum. A number of dead cells, stretch marks and blackheads tend to increase during these days and exfoliating them can help to give you a soft and clean skin.

4. Water Intake

Along with taking care of the skin, it is important to improve the elasticity of the skin. Proper and regular intake of water aids in weight loss and promotes blood circulation throughout the body. It allows your skin to stay strong and fresh all the time.

5. Consume Healthy Snacks

You should consume healthy snacks, as it may provide essential nutrients and vitamins to the body. It helps to control a number of extra fats and sugar in the body as well. In order to avoid temptation and cut off overeating, always consume food in small quantities. Consume fresh fruits, smoothies, egg, chicken, juices, smoothies and many other such things. Avoid drinking tea or coffee as much as you can.

6. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a magical process because the total amount of calories in the body gets converted into milk, which is then given to the newborns. It is said that if you breastfeed quite often, you will lose weight more significantly than people who don't. The crucial thing to remember here is once you stop breastfeeding, you need to get adjusted to the diet, as there are high chances for weight loss.

7. Follow A Routine

Whether it is about food or about exercise, everything should be done regularly following a proper routine, so that your body gets used to it. You have been pregnant for nine months; and hence, there are chances that your body tends to gain weight like never before. You should find time for yourself in between breastfeeding and other tasks. Some enjoy walking on the road, while some love to sit at home. Make sure you keep yourself active and moving, which can help you get your body shape back.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 17, 2016, 17:03 [IST]
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