Foods To Avoid That Goes Into Breast Milk

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Mothers have to be cautious about many things, starting from the pregnancy up to breastfeeding their newborns. The foods that a mother eats has a huge impact on the baby, not only during pregnancy but also during breastfeeding.

If you are breastfeeding your baby, you have to take care of what goes inside you. Foods and drugs can be secreted into the breast milk, which then enters your baby's body. They can cause many harmful effects to the baby, as his/her body is not well developed to metabolise the toxins and other foods.

Certain drugs which a breastfeeding mother takes may enter the baby's body and show harmful effects. This is the reason you can see many babies having discoloured or even black teeth. You have to strictly avoid certain foods that can enter into the breast milk and finally to the baby.

Some foods that a mother eats increase the breast milk quantity, others can decrease and some are harmful for the baby. It would be safe and best to know the list of foods that can enter the breast milk, and, hence, should not be taken while breastfeeding.

Scroll down to know the list of foods to be avoided while breastfeeding.



Drinking coffee while breastfeeding causes the caffeine to be secreted in your breast milk. A newborn baby can't eliminate caffeine from his/her body and this may cause an irritation and sleeplessness in the baby.


Certain Medicines

Most medications that a mom takes enter her milk and then goes directly to the baby. You might have seen some babies having a blackish mark on their teeth. This is due to the drug deposition on their teeth which the mom might have taken. Not only that, the side effects of the medications may also be shown on the baby's body.



If you frequently eat garlic or foods containing garlic, your baby may not like that. The strong flavour of garlic comes into the breast milk and your baby may abstain from breastfeeding. If your baby turns his/her head away, this can be a sign of him/her not liking the garlic smell.


High-Mercury Fish

Fish is rich in essential fatty acids and proteins. However, you must avoid excessive fish intake while you are breastfeeding, as the mercury present in certain fishes may get secreted in breast milk and enter the baby's body. Fishes high in mercury are swordfish, mackerel, fresh-water fishes, tuna, etc.


Spicy Foods

The spices present in foods also may find a way into the breast milk, and thus enter a baby's body through the breast milk. These spices may interfere with a baby's digestion, cause stomach irritation, stomach troubles and even vomiting.


Fruits and Vegetables That Cause Flatulence

If you eat foods that produce gas then your infant also may get the same problem. Most babies are sensitive to foods producing gases. Therefore, you must avoid beans, broccoli, brussels, cabbage and all other foods you feel are bloating you.


Dairy Products

Milk and milk products contain proteins and most babies can't digest a cow's milk protein. Mothers eating cheese, yoghurt and other dairy products can have babies with an upset stomach, gas troubles, abdominal pain, etc. The proteins can enter the baby through the breast milk.

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