7 Tips For Pumping Breast Milk Properly

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Pumping Breast Milk
Pumping breast milk may not be as easy as you think it is. We have to admit that it is vital necessity for working mothers but there are some finer nuances associated with it. It is not just the technique you use for pumping but also your feelings and postnatal care needs. How you pump milk can affect the quality of milk and also, yours and your baby's health. So it makes sense to find out all there is about this process that is a savior for working mothers who need to get back to work before they stop nursing.

Here are some tips for pumping breast milk that can be helpful to make you a pro at it.

7 Tips For Pumping Breast Milk:

1. Choose The Right Pump For You: Which is the right pump for you will depend on how often you pump milk. If it is once in a while only before traveling then you can do with a manual pumps that will be more value for money. Automatic pumps help collect more expressed milk and they are very sophisticated.

2. Practice For A Week: If you are a working mother who has to return to work after delivering the baby then your needs are urgent and exhaustive. You need to practice for at least a week prior to using expressed milk to feed your baby. If start on the date of joining you may be able pump sufficient milk for the day.

3. Pump As You Feed: If you do not want to quit breastfeeding the baby before returning to work then try pumping one breast for milk while you feed from the other. Next time change sides. This will give you practice to produce sufficient to feed your baby while you are away.

4. Get Into A Schedule: You need to fall into a routine to get the best of this procedure. It is in the best interest of your postnatal care that you pump at regular timings. Your body will get adjusted to the schedule and also breast milk production increases.

5. Don't Skip It On Weekends: It is but natural that you would want to breastfeed your baby on weekends when you at home to give that personal maternal touch. However you should continue to pump even if slightly on weekends on regular timings to keep up the flow. Don't skip it totally.

6. Pump Regularly Not Once In A While: If you need ample milk production then you need to pump regularly and at regular intervals. It is always better to pump 3-4 times in a day instead of just once or twice.

7. Maintain Hygiene: You need to maintain certain level of personal hygiene and also keep the pumping equipment clean. You should either have a bath or wash your breasts thoroughly before pumping.

Use these breast feeding tips for pumping breast milk properly.

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Story first published: Monday, January 2, 2012, 14:16 [IST]
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