The Best Clothes For Breastfeeding!

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Breastfeeding Clothes
Breastfeeding clothes are just as important as getting new clothes for your maternity wardrobe. Most often, women let themselves go after the baby is born but how you maintain yourself in the postnatal period is going to determine how quickly you get back to your pro pregnancy life. Most nursing mothers face a problem with breastfeeding their babies because it has to be done every two hours so it is not possible to avoid public nursing always.

The solution to this is range of breastfeeding clothes that have been listed here. It is not like you have to always but new nursing tops specifically for your postnatal period; here is how you can improvise.

What Clothes Are Suitable For Breastfeeding?

1. Button Down Tops: Most often, the button down tops are the best when it comes to nursing mothers. It is easy to just pull out the buttons when your baby needs to be fed. But you must also make sure that your nursing tops are not too low cut or tight because at this time you need comfortable clothing. Your bust size too would have increased considerably so buy the clothes accordingly.

2. Zip Ups: Zipped nursing tops are even more convenient than buttoned ones. You just need to give it a slight nudge and you are done. But you must make sure that the zip doesn't loosen up or else it can be a huge cause of embarrassment. Basically avoid rough use to be safe.

3. Special Maternity Clothing: If you are a little thoughtful while purchasing your maternity wardrobe then you will probably not need special breastfeeding clothes at all. You will still not be able to fit into your regular clothes immediately after childbirth because your belly will be bloated and you will have lots of water weight. So buy clothes that are loose around the waist and mostly button downs. It helps save money.

4. Go Indian With A Saree: The best clothes for breastfeeding is and will always be a saree. It is elegant, tones off your extra pounds of post pregnancy fat and has a natural cover in the form of the pallu (the part of the saree that drapes across the bosom). You can cover yourself up with the saree itself and breastfeed in pubic if need be. Just make sure your blouse opens in the front (because some blouses are back open).

5. The All Purpose Stole: When you are nursing your baby, the most important piece of clothing to always have on you is a shawl or stole. You may have just one of neutral colour matching everything or many different colours matching your other postnatal clothing. You need it with all kinds of clothes other than sarees.

Stock your wardrobe smartly and with the proper kind of clothes for breastfeeding.

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Story first published: Monday, February 20, 2012, 13:14 [IST]
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