Breastfeeding Tips For Nursing Mothers

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The correct breastfeeding tips is what you need if you are a nursing mother. Breast feeding is the most important part of your postnatal period. The health of the baby and a lot of your own health problems are dependent on how you breast feed your baby. So it is necessary that you have some basic breastfeeding tips to have your concepts clear.

If you are a nursing mother then here are some effective breastfeeding tips for you.

Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms:

  • Colostrum: For the first couple of days after the birth of your baby your breasts will secrete a yellowish liquid. This liquid is called colostrum and is very beneficial for your baby. You may think its pus or some thing poisonous but remember this, nothing that the mother's body produces can be harmful for the baby.
  • Does Baby Need Water? As long as you are breastfeeding your baby, no external water needs to be given to the baby. Breast milk has a large water content that will suffice for the little body's water needs. On the other hand, the water will be taken from your body, so drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. You will have the urge to urinate frequently during this time but you are still advised to drink lots of fluids during the postnatal care period.
  • For How Long To Breast Feed? Baby needs nothing other than mother's milk for the first 6 months. After that you have to start other nutritional supplements in the form of both solid and liquid food. Experts say that you can continue to breast feed the baby for as long as you want. However the time period is not indefinite. 2 years is a good time to completely wean away the baby.
  • Which Position is Right For Breastfeeding? It is very important to choose an appropriate position for feeding the baby. If you feed the baby in an in appropriate posture then he or she may swallow too much air. This will make them gassy. If the baby is not able to suck the milk properly then he or she will be hungry and may fall ill. It has serious consequences like Lactational mastitis for the mother.
  • Right Breastfeeding Positions: There are four positions of breastfeeding for nursing mothers which are proper.

1. Cradle Position: In which you cradle the baby.
2. Cross Cradle Position: In which you cradle the baby across your chest
3. Football Position: In which you hold the baby along your arm like a ball
4. Sleeping Position: In which the mother lies down with the baby; best for night time feeding so that you can lull the baby into sleep while feeding.

Use these breastfeeding tips for having a healthy baby who has a healthy mom.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 20, 2011, 15:43 [IST]
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