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Top 7 Food Ideas For Your Fussy Babies

By: Aradhana Pandey

As a new mother, you will no doubt have a lot to learn. Your baby will keep you up at night and demand all the care and attention you can muster.

Sometimes, these small setbacks can leave you feeling clueless and wishing you knew how to work your way around them. And, if your child is a picky eater, well you are in for some, to put it mildly, trouble.

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Moms already have a lot on their plates. Having to figure out what to cook can take a lot of precious time.

So, if you're a mother who's facing this problem right now, don't fret. Here's a list of seven of the best food ideas for your little picky eater.

1. Spreads:
Toddlers love anything they can smear; this applies to foods too. If you can teach them to use a plastic butter knife, you will have a lot more food options available. Jams, peanut butter or cheese spreads can be eaten on toast or crackers.


2. Dips:
Kid's are more likely to try a particular type of food if it seems like fun to eat. If your children hate vegetables, a dip is a great way to introduce them to foods that are right for them. Cottage cheese, yogurt, peanut butter, guacamole, etc, are a few dips that you can try.


3. Mixed Healthy Platter:
Kids can be incredibly fussy in their eating habits; that's something you'll have to accept early on. One of the best strategies you can adopt is to offer as much as variety as possible. Some brilliant food options include raw fruits such as apples, bananas, oranges, pears and vegetables like carrots and broccoli that make for a great platter. Introduce this as an evening snack, and you'll quickly notice fruits and veggies becoming their favourites. They'll be the ones that the kids will finish first.

Mixed Healthy Platter

4. Decrease Portion Size:
If you notice that your child never seems to finish anything and always has leftovers on his/her plate, portion sizes could be the problem. Try cutting their sandwich, fruit or anything else into small bite-sized pieces. This is an excellent way of introducing them to new foods as well. They are more likely to try something if it's just a small piece.

Decrease Portion Size

5. Dress It Up:
If you've been to a fancy restaurant, you know how painstakingly each dish is presented. This is because if the food looks appetizing, we are more likely to enjoy it. It's the same story for your children too. Dress up your run of the mill everyday sandwich in any way that you like, cut it into fancy shapes, or add a new topping.

Dress It Up

6. Make Smoothies:
A smoothie is a great way to get a picky eater to try something new. If you want your kids to eat carrots, make a carrot smoothie and combine it with fruits they love. There are hundreds of combinations that you can experiment with. This will ensure they get the nutrition that they require and also in this process you'll introduce them to a new healthy food option too.

Make Smoothies

7. Involve Them:
Kids are more likely to enjoy something that they had a hand in creating. If your children are old enough, involve them in the process. This will give them a sense of control over what they're eating, and they will even be willing to try some new foods.

Involve Them

So, there you have it, seven of the best tips to get even the pickiest of the eaters to try something new and solve a big problem for all the mothers out there. Is your baby a picky eater? What did you do to solve the problem? Share your suggestions with us in the comment section below.

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