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7 Important Things To Teach Your Kid Before Age 15

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Do you have a kid who is soon going to be stepping into his/her teenage years?

If yes, then as parents you would surely know that there are many challenges when it comes to growing children, which have to be faced by both you and your kid.

When your kid is over 1 year of age, you potty-train your kid, when your child is around 5 years old, you start to mentally prepare them for school and other extra-curricular activities.

Similarly, as your children are stepping into their teen years, there are a certain set of life skills that they'll need to learn, irrespective of the gender, to survive and support themselves in this fast-paced world when they are adults.

Many a times, parents tend to concentrate only on helping their kids improve and excel in their studies and school work, and they forget to teach them the most important life skills, without which the kids may not grow up to be self-sufficient adults.

So, have a look at some of the most important life skills that you can teach your child before the age of 15, here.


1. Household Chores

You may have a maid to help your family out, but that doesn't mean you should not teach your kids to do basic chores like doing the laundry, washing dishes, cleaning the house, etc, which can help them survive on their own when they are adults.


2. Banking Knowledge

It is important to help your kids understand basic banking knowledge, like saving schemes, how to deposit a cheque, etc, so that they will have a fair idea, when they actually start their own transactions.


3. Self-Protection

Talk to your child about the importance of self-protection, especially when it comes to dealing with strangers and give them a few tips on how to stay safe around people.


4. Safe Sex

Since many teens these days are sexually active, it is very highly important to let them know about the risks of having unprotected sex.


5. Basic Cooking Skills

It is important to start teaching your kids a few basic cooking skills right from their teen years, so that it becomes easier for them as they grow up.


6. First-Aid

You can teach your kids a few first-aid skills like treating a wound or a sprain, so that they will know what to do when an adult is not around.


7. Importance Of Money Management

Explain the importance of money management, saving money, looking for discounts while shopping, etc, to your children, so that they'll be able to understand the value of money and not throw tantrums when they're not bought a few expensive things.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 7, 2016, 14:05 [IST]
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