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7 Expert Tips To Control Sibling Rivalry!

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Do you have kids who get into constant fights and bickering sessions?

Are your kids always cooking up ideas to irritate and annoy each other to no end?

Well, when a kid has one or more siblings, this scenario becomes quite common. Siblings shouting and yelling at each other, getting into physical fights, trying to destroy each other's toys or books are all expected and commonly seen situations everywhere.

Although fights between siblings is alright to a certain extent, it becomes difficult for the parents to control them if it crosses a limit.

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Many a times, when the conflicts between the siblings become a constant affair, it takes a major toll on the parents who have to control them and try to bring about some peace and silence in the house!

Sibling rivalry often arises due to the children's competition with each other to gain the parent's attention.

Or it can even be due to the difference in their personalities and their inability to get along with each other.

Whatever the reason may be for sibling rivalry, it is not a healthy sign if it continues for long.

Here are a few tips for parents to help put an end to sibling rivalry, have a look.


1. Favouritism – A Strict No-No

If you favour one of your kids more than the other, naturally it leads to the development of jealousy and an unhealthy competitive nature among your kids.


2. Quality Time

Ensure that you spend some quality time with each of your kids, in order to make them feel that they are being given enough attention.


3. Fair Trial

When you are trying put an end to their fights and they come up with their versions of what caused the fight, listen to each kid's reasoning with attention and give each kid a fair chance to explain themselves.


4. Avoid Comparison

Do not compare one kid's achievements or talents with the other kid. Doing that will only worsen their feeling of sibling jealousy!


5. Do Not Interfere

While in extreme cases there is no other option but to interfere, if it is a minor conflict, you can always stay away and let your kids handle the situation themselves.


6. Talk To Them

Talking to your kids about the importance of sibling bonding and anger management can actually work, especially if they are a little older.


7. Allow Them To Bond

Some parents tend to separate the kids if they involve themselves in too many fights. Instead, you can allow the kids to spend some quality time together, doing their favourite activities to allow them to bond better.

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