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Is Peanut Butter Healthy For Kids?

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Peanut butter contains protein that helps in the growth and development of a child and also certain fats that contribute to the development of the brain in a child. There are also minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that support the immune system. But is it safe to give peanut butter to kids?

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If your kid is below the age of one year, it isn't safe to feed him with peanut butter. Generally, some babies tend to develop peanut butter allergy.

If your baby is more than 2 years old, you can try feeding him with peanut butter. At that age, the digestive system of your baby would have developed the capacity to take peanuts.

In babies below one year, peanut butter could cause severe reactions like nausea, breathing issues, choking, inflammation etc.

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It is better to consult a doctor when you plan to feed your kid with peanut butter. Now, let us know about its health benefits when kids consume it at the right age.


Benefit #1

Peanut butter contains resveratrol which is a type of biochemical. It can strengthen the immune system and fight some kids of diseases.


Benefit #2

Another benefit is that peanuts contain anti-oxidants that protect your kid from free radical damage.


Benefit #3

Peanut butter contains zinc, sodium, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, calcium, vitamin E, folate, niacin, thiamin, vitamin b6 and even riboflavin. All of them are important for your child during the developmental stages.


Benefit #4

It also contains omega 3 fatty acids that help in the brain development of your child.


Benefit #5

The protein content present in peanut butter plays a vital role in the growth and development of your kid. Protein is the building block and is required by the body to increase muscle mass and size.

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