Importance Of Balanced Diet For Kids

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It is a basic necessity to eat a healthy and balanced diet for growth and development. So, what is this balanced diet that everyone keeps chanting about?

What is the importance of a balanced diet for kids? It is a known fact that poor nutrition can lead to excessive weight and obesity.

As a parent, your priority should be to fulfil the nutritional needs of your children. And so, it is important to follow a balanced diet, so as to stave off from any kind of health problems.

Importance Of Balanced Diet For Kids

Eating a balanced diet can provide vital vitamins and also other nutritional goodies that are essentially needed for your children’s growth and development.

The food that your child eats in his/her early years can influence his/her dietetic habits even later on in his/her life. It is ideally important to instil good eating habits with a proper diet from an early age.

The need and importance of a balanced diet, if inculcated at a younger age, will ensure that your children follow proper eating patterns and food habits even in their adult life. 


Importance Of Balanced Diet For Kids

Children without a good nutrition will be prone more to diseases, infections and fatigue. Most children having a poor diet would definitely run the risk of having growth and developmental problems. 

A balanced diet manages to provide your body with some nutrition that is the basic necessity for it to function properly. Hence, here are some of the reasons why it is important for kids to follow a balanced diet.

Prevents Obesity
These days, there is a higher rate of obesity among children due to poor food habits. Following a healthy eating plan helps in managing and controlling weight.

Being overweight is more prevalent in girls than in boys between the age group of 4 and 5 years. Obesity is on the rise as children grow older. Children face weight issues, as a result of unhealthy eating patterns and less of physical activity.

Importance Of Balanced Diet For Kids

Children need a lot of nourishment from dairy products that include milk, yogurt and cheese. These are the essential foods that can provide their body with easily absorbable calcium as well as proteins and minerals.

Milk has proteins and calcium that are important factors, especially for infants, teens and women. Dairy foods are excellent sources of calcium that helps to retain healthy teeth and bones in the body.

Healthy Gut And Bowel Movements
Eating seven portions of fruit and vegetables daily can reduce the risk of many illnesses. Adding a lot of fibre in your kids' diet can keep his/her gut healthy.

This means that opting for healthier food options can ward off problems such as constipation and diverticular disease.

Resistance To Infection

Infection increases the rate of metabolism and the breakdown of tissues, which would invariably cause anorexia and impair nutrient absorption in the body.

Moreover, only with a healthy diet pattern will the human body be able to resist the stress response during infections. If your kid is nutritionally deficient, he or she would be more susceptible to infections.

The importance of a balanced diet for kids would provide the necessary nutrients to boost the immune system and prevent infection, especially through antioxidants.

Importance Of Balanced Diet For Kids

Foods like meat, fish, eggs, nuts and beans can provide proteins as well as a range of vitamins and minerals. Eating well is a key to maintaining strength and it also provides the child with energy. The importance of a balanced diet for kids is that it can develop concentration and learning abilities.

Some of the high-protein foods can also be a source of iron and vitamins, especially B vitamins and vitamin D. It even tries to minimise future health risks such as anaemia, type 2 diabetes, heart stroke and dental decay.

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Story first published: Saturday, February 13, 2016, 22:01 [IST]
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