How To Reduce The Chance Of Obesity In Kids

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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This is one of the increasing problems in today’s child. Nowadays, the lifestyle of kids has changed a lot.
They get very little time to play, as study pressure and pressure of other curricular activities have increased a lot.

Besides, kids are fond of fast foods and sweetened beverages. French fries, chips, burgers, cold drinks, canned foods, etc, are making things worse for them.

The oil used in these foods are only making kids fat. Therefore, it is very important for parents to know the proper ways to reduce obesity risks in kids.

Now, you need to know why obesity is risky for kids. Obesity makes children lethargic. They don’t get energy into doing anything.

Playing video games with a bowl of chips is more favourite to them than going out and playing football. Besides, obesity may cause several diseases like high blood pressure, cholesterol, high blood sugar, etc.

Yes, you may think these are the diseases of grownups. But, in this changing environment, children are not safe from such killer aspects. So, how to reduce the chance of obesity in kids?

You may have to fight with your kids to make them learn the impact of growing good habits. But, that is OK. If doing something good for your child makes them annoyed, it is absolutely alright.

They will realise later and thank you ultimately. So, here are some ways to reduce obesity risks in kids.


Encourage Healthy Eating Habits

How to reduce the chance of obesity in kids? You can do this by providing healthy and tasty foods. Include fruits and vegetables into her diet. If she is not fond of fruits, make her smoothie. Encourage to drink water as much as she can.


Set Good Examples

Often parents ask, how to reduce the chance of obesity in kids? The most effective way is to maintain a good lifestyle. When you present such a good example before them, they will automatically adjust them with your norms.


Keep Them Active

This is one of the most important ways to reduce obesity risks in kids. Experts suggest that children have to be physically active around 60 minutes every day and that doesn't mean only to go to school and tuitions. Admit them into any academy that provides outdoor games.


Make Sure He Gets Enough Rest

Medical studies have shown that children, who get lesser rest than the required time of sleeping, become overweight. Children, who go to school, need 8-10 hours sleep a day while younger kids need 12 hour rest.


Reduce Sedentary Time

Your child don't realize how spending much time in front of television or with video games making them overweight. The blue light of TV and laptops hampers their rest. Fix a time limit of 2 hours for these and be strict on this.


Regular Health Checkup is Must-

Are you thinking how to reduce the chance of obesity in kids? Then, don't skip regular health checkup. Your pediatrician will inform you about the weight and height growth of your child and will tell you if he is overweight. Ask your doctor to make a diet chart for your kiddo.


Don’t Make Laugh about the Weight of Your Child

Do you know how to reduce the chance of obesity risk in kids? There are lots of ways to motivate them. But, if you mock them about their weight, they will be demoralized. Always try to bring positive changes in their lifestyle which is fun for them too.

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Story first published: Sunday, March 13, 2016, 15:30 [IST]
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