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How Kids Can Strengthen Weak Bones

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A new study claims that regular exercise could develop strong bones even in kids who have weak bones due to genetics.

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We all know that exercise can strengthen bones. But now, researchers say that exercise can strengthen the bones of even kids who have fragile bones due to their genetics.

Physical activity is said to combat the effects of genetics on bone fragility. After examining more than 900 children who are between 5 and 19 years old, researchers have come to this conclusion.

As a part of the study, researchers considered the amount of physical activity and the bone density of each participant.

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Children who worked out more displayed higher bone density even when they had genetic disposition of developing fragile bones. So, researchers say that genetics need not be the destiny if kids engage in an active life.

Now, let us discuss how exercise benefits children.


Develops Resistance To Infections

Your kid will be able to fight cold, allergies and fever efficiently as his immunity develops with exercise.


Healthy Heart

Regular workouts strengthen the cardiovascular system and this will develop a healthy heart.


Better Cholesterol Profile

Your child's cholesterol profile develops and blood pressure gets lowered.


Better Circulation

As exercise enhances blood circulation to all areas of the body, all cells get enough oxygen and nutrients.


Makes Your Kid Smarter

Many studies say that physically active kids tend to stay smarter and their grasping power increases.


Prevents Childhood Obesity

Regular exercise can reduce your kid's chances of developing childhood obesity.


Overall Health

Exercise develops the overall health of a child. But consult your family doctor about the kind of exercise that suits your child's age.

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