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Does Harsh Parenting Cause Obesity In Kids?

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A new study claims that harsh parenting could also make the child obese later on in life. Though this is surprising to us, researchers claim that the chances of developing obesity and other health problems would increase in children of parents who are harsh in parenting.

Does Harsh Parenting Cause Obesity?1

Generally, when one parent is harsh, the other tries to balance by being softer, but researchers say that it isn't enough to nullify the negative effects of bad treatment given to kids.

Does Harsh Parenting Cause Obesity?2

Being harsh with kids is bound to create certain negative issues in kids and it isn't easy to avoid the health consequences.

Does Harsh Parenting Cause Obesity?5

Researchers say that the only solution is to be more kind with children and trying to be a responsible parent. As a part of the study, researchers observed parental behaviour and child's health for many years and finally concluded that harsh parents are affecting their kid's health unknowingly.

Does Harsh Parenting Cause Obesity?4

Though parents who participated in the study never hit their children, they were aggressive in other ways. In fact, being violent with children is the worst thing to do and that would have serious consequences.

Does Harsh Parenting Cause Obesity?3

Researchers urge parents to show more patience and love towards kids instead of punishing them often or being harsh with them. Whether we believe it or not, that could reduce the risk of obesity in them!

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Story first published: Monday, April 25, 2016, 9:46 [IST]
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