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Does Gadget Use Make Kids Impulsive?

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A new study claims that kids who over use smart phones and have the habit of checking it often tend to have higher chances of turning into impulsive adults. Generally, impulsive people refuse to delay their actions and tend to be restless.

Does Gadget Use Make Kids Impulsive?1

This study was aimed to know various impacts of usage of gadgets. The study focused on how the usage impacts a child's behaviour in the long run.

Does Gadget Use Make Kids Impulsive?2

The study observed the overall time spent by some kids on their smart phones and how often they kept checking it for alerts.

Does Gadget Use Make Kids Impulsive?3

Also, as a part of the study, researchers studied the behaviour of the kids to assess how many of them can patiently delay their gratification. The kids who were overusing smart phones displayed impulsive behaviour compared to the kids who never used smart phones.

Does Gadget Use Make Kids Impulsive?4

The study suggests that simple phone habits like checking it for alerts every now and then can also cause impulsive behaviour in kids.

Does Gadget Use Make Kids Impulsive?5

In fact, health experts suggest a gadget free life for kids. If parents feel the need to acquaint the kids with latest gadgets, they can at least limit the time spent on them.

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