Does Childhood Obesity Cause Accidents?

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A recent study revealed that obese children tend to be impatient while crossing roads compared to normal children. And this may increase their risk as road safety involves patience, agility and alertness.

Does Childhood Obesity Cause Accidents1

Researchers found this when they were studying the behaviour of kids with the help of traffic simulations. This study further claims that obese children seldom wait before they attempt to cross the road.

Does Childhood Obesity Cause Accidents2

Also, obese children collided more during the simulation. Researchers opine that the body weight of a kid has some role in how a kid chooses to react to the traffic, or when he or she chooses to cross roads and so on.

Does Childhood Obesity Cause Accidents3

Also, excess weight may also stress a person's joints and causes lots of inconvenience. In fact, this study also opines that obesity may also hamper a kid's thinking, time management, memory, organisational skills and planning.

Does Childhood Obesity Cause Accidents4

This may be the reason why obese kids were found out to be impulsive during the traffic experiment done on kids. The study was done on more than 200 kids amidst traffic simulations.

Does Childhood Obesity Cause Accidents5

Now, there is one more reason for parents to curb childhood obesity. Along with many other health issues, obesity seems to also impact a kid's thinking and deciding mechanisms. Therefore, ensure that your kids get healthy food and adequate exercise to beat childhood obesity.

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