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Does Caffeine Raise Miscarriage Risk?

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Most of us know that caffeine isn't really a healthy substance at least during pregnancy. Now, health experts claim that when couples consume excessive caffeine even a few weeks during conception, miscarriage risk may increase.

Does Caffeine Raise Miscarriage Risk

How much is too much? Well, more than 2 coffees a day is also too much according to experts. 2 caffeine drinks a day in the the first 7 weeks of pregnancy could also raise the risk of miscarriage.

Does Caffeine Raise Miscarriage Risk2

Health experts also say that taking doses of multivitamin regularly before conception and pregnancy may minimise the miscarriage risk up to an extent.

Does Caffeine Raise Miscarriage Risk3

A study which concluded that caffeine usage could maximise miscarriage risk would surely help couples who are desperately trying to minimise the risk of miscarriage.

Does Caffeine Raise Miscarriage Risk4

The study was done on more than 300 couples. Various influencing factors were considered which include nicotine usage, caffeine consumption and also the usage of multivitamins from the stage of conception till the phases of pregnancy.

Does Caffeine Raise Miscarriage Risk5

Nearly one-third of the pregnancies ended up as miscarriages. And those were the cases where both the partners consumed excessive caffeine even before conception.

Does Caffeine Raise Miscarriage Risk5

Also, the risk of miscarriage is more for women who try conceiving after 35. This study also claims that caffeine intake of the males is also linked with the miscarriage risk.

Also, multivitamins helped minimise the miscarriage risk in 50% of the cases. Now that this study proved that the habits of both the partners is important, couples may wish to stay away from caffeine during the conception and pregnancy stages.

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