Do Homeschooled Kids Sleep Better?

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Kids who are schooled at home tend to get more sleep according to a new study. This study compared the sleep duration of home schooled kids and children who go to a school. Researchers came to a conclusion that home schooled ones get more sleep.

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As a part of this study, researchers carefully observed the sleep habits of more than 2000 kids in which there were both home schooled ones and kids who attended schools.

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Finally, researchers found that home schooled kids get at least an hour of extra sleep compared to kids who attend school.
Also, the study claims that nearly 45% of teens tend to get less sleep compared to teens who study at home. As teenagers need at least 9 hours of sleep, parents may need to look for ways to help their kids sleep better.

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When kids lose sleep of at least one hour per day, gradually, the cumulative sleep deprivation may affect their learning abilities and grasping power. This may affect their academics and that is why it is good to ensure that kids sleep well.

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Of course, this study doesn't say that all kids must be home schooled but it is more about doing something to ensure that children are sleep deprived.

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Story first published: Friday, March 4, 2016, 5:10 [IST]
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