Amazing Ways To Increase Kids Appetite

By: Pooja Kaushal
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When it comes to having food, children can be very unpredictable. One day they love a dish and the next day the same dish does not even deserve a look. For an onlooker this might sound simply weird and funny, but for a mother meal times are a battle every day.

The day a child completes his/her meal without a single complaint, is like a day won in a battle. However, the matter does not end there, as preparations have to be made for the next upcoming war.

There is always an internal turmoil going on in a mother’s head regarding appetite foods for her children. What should she prepare that the children will have without any hesitation?

It is a tough question to answer; or rather a question that has no definite answer. At the same time, the best appetite foods for children differ from home to home and from a child to child.

We have blogs of parents, communities on social networking sites and websites giving information on the best foods that can increase appetite. However, if you talk to parents, you will come to know that one solution does not work for all.

One particular food cannot satisfy every child, as each child is unique in himself. Instead of looking for food groups, try to understand the needs and desires of your child.

Once you know your child, you can customise your preparations accordingly. Here are some simple tips that will help you make a perfect appetiser for your child.

Appetite foods for children

•Colour: Colour plays an important part in our lives; and when it comes to children, they get excited by looking at colourful foods. A simple 'poori’ made green with the addition of spinach puree becomes 'green poori’ and children love to eat it.

Plain white rice may be boring, but a coloured rice can become a delicacy. You can colour it with saffron, spinach, carrot or simply add a dash of tomato sauce. Mixing shredded vegetables can also make an appealing sight. At the same time, the veggies will go in without any fuss.

Appetite foods for children

•Smell: Making an appetising meal for children means paying attention to details, and smell is surely one of them. The smell of the food always affects the taste buds, so when cooking, try to activate your child’s taste buds before serving the food.

When the smell draws an attention, consider half the battle won. Have you ever noticed your child getting excited by the smell of the pizza seasoning?

•Shape: A bread slice comes in a square or rectangular shape, but when you make a sandwich out of it, the shape can be anything from triangular, circular or star. You could even cut it like a donut using a donut cookie cutter.

Plain cubes of melons might not be so appealing compared to the melon balls. And if you let your child scoop balls of melon for himself, he is sure to enjoy every bit of the fruit.

Appetite foods for children

•Name: Appetite food for children means something exciting. Try giving catchy and interesting names to foods. And if you can weave a story around the dish, nothing like it.

Why do you think grandmothers are so successful in feeding small children? It is all because of the story that revolves around the food, making it sound interesting and in the process building an eating habit in a child.

Best appetite foods for children may not be the ones that grown-ups would also relish. Children, sometimes, have weird combinations and yet find it appealing.

If a child wants to try out something, let him do so because that is how he will develop his taste, as taste habits will always keep changing much to your frustration.

So, try not to pull your hair apart, and travel the growing up journey, once again, with your child. It is a beautiful one and relish every step of it.

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Story first published: Sunday, January 17, 2016, 8:00 [IST]
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