Tips On Looking After Alzheimer Parents

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Alzheimer disease and dementia are very challenging both to the patients as well as the loved ones who take care of them.

Dealing with Alzheimer parents can get a bit easier especially if you have proper plan in place and some time to spend.

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In fact, you need to have lots of patience more than anything else as it could be very frustrating to deal with anyone whose cognitive abilities are severely affected.

So let us discuss about a few such tips here.

Tips On Looking After Alzheimer Parents

Tips On Looking After Alzheimer Parents

Tip #1
Establishing and sticking to a schedule can reduce stress and enhance stability. Also, notice your parent's moods and try to schedule the doctor's visits and other activities like bathing when the moods are stable. This will make things convenient for both of you.

Tip #2

Tip #2
In your parent's personal space, label certain things to make things easier. For example, inside the bathroom, put a label saying 'soap' on the soap box and 'towel' on the tower holder etc. This might be of great help to your ageing parents.

Tip #3
Remove sharp objects like knives and any other objects that can potentially cause harm when mishandled.

Tip #4

Tip #4
There are certain apps that help you monitor patients with such issues. Use technology to your advantage.

Tip #5
Hire a nurse at least during the days when you are too busy. Leaving your parents alone isn't advisable.

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