10 Bad Fathering Habits You Need To Get Rid Off

By: Sneha A
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Parenting has never been easy for anyone; it does not come with guidelines and dos and don’ts of how to do it right. It is a full-time job which has no retirement age; the initial years are the most difficult and vital. Men are creatures of habit and even simply trying to behave in a manner which is not usual to them becomes very uncomfortable for them. Hhowever, this is not an available option when you become a father.

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Becoming a dad brings with itself the greatest responsibility a man has to handle. It is up to you to teach the little one how to differentiate between the right and the wrong. It is true that nobody is perfect; we all have our flaws but still we have to aim to make our kids learn the best of everything and not pass on the not so likable habits of ours without even us realizing it. You may find it to be a tough task in the beginning but with passage of time, you may realise how rewarding it actually is.

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What you actually should do is evaluate your fathering from time to time so as to break the bad habits and adopt better ones in their place. Following is a list of 10 fathering habits that are bad and should be stopped immediately.


1. Inconsistent In Following Through:

When you make a rule, stick to it. If kids find you strict sometimes and relaxed at other for the same thing they may start taking discipline very casually and will not understand the importance of the boundaries that you have set.


2. Being Unpredictable:

You need be the rock and the anchor for your child so that they can completely rely on you. It is very important for that they do not doubt about your presence whenever they need.


3. Stuck With Technology:

In order to have a better bonding with your child, you need to get rid of your addiction with your smart devices. You need to spend some quality time with your child as well.


4. No Limits:

While trying to be a friend to your child, don't forget that you are a parent first. You need to set up boundaries and certain limits for your child in order to get them to understand the value of time, money and morality.


5. Never Saying ‘No’:

Always saying yes to whatever demand your child makes does not prove that you love them more. In fact it will render them incapable of dealing with rejections. Say no when necessary.


6. Always Being Busy:

Do not bring your office to home. Your family deserves your time too. This is important for your child to value and treasure relations.


7. Intimidation:

Always forcing your child to do as you wish will make turn them rebellious. Appreciate their individuality.


8. Constant Comparing:

Constantly comparing your kids with others will only lower their self esteem; do not let them lose their confidence.


9. Not Listening:

Listen to what is going through the child's mind instead of only repeating your philosophies again and again.


10. Not Getting Rid Of The Unhealthy Habits:

If you smoke or drink too much, get rid of these habits at least in front of your child.

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Story first published: Monday, October 12, 2015, 22:02 [IST]
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