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5 Relationship Advice You Should Give To Your Daughter

By Anirudh Narayanan

Parents have several duties towards their kids. As times have changed, they need to update the way they discharge their duties. Youngsters nowadays get into relationships even before they are out of college. Relationship advice is sought for daughters, as well as the sons. It's not at all uncommon anymore.

Being in love is an amazing feeling but do keep your head intact when you're losing track of things. Daughters often need your advice but are too shy to open up about it. It is vital that you make them feel comfortable. If you react brashly they will just stop telling you things, and that wont be good for anyone. So, accept things as they are and love your daughter unconditionally.

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Read on and find out the relationship advice you should give to your daughter.

Never Lose Your Individuality In A Relationship

Relationships are an essential part of life. But so are friends, family and some alone time to yourself. A valuable relationship advice for daughters would be to not lose individuality in a relationship.

Respect Yourself And Your Relationship

In any relationship it is important that you respect both, the relationship and your own needs. A guy will never realise your worth if you don't respect yourself. The relationship advice is for all the daughters out there, of all ages.

Do Not Deny Yourself Pleasure

Every human being deserves pleasure. It doesn't matter if that pleasure is derived from a partner or you're pleasuring yourself. There will be people who tell you that it is wrong but don't heed them. Given an opportunity they would do the same. It is an important lesson to teach your daughter.

Not All Bad Boys Are Keepers

Bad boys! The fascination with them is understandable because it has been like that since a long time. But bad boys seldom make a good husband. It's okay to play around in teen relationships but before going knee-deep, give it a serious thought.

Breakups Happen But You'll Live

The parting advice for daughters, about love and relationships would be the hardest one! Breakup's are real and you will get hurt or you'll hurt someone. It is life and sometimes it takes several mis-match's to find the one. Breakups happen but we live to love someone else till the end of time. This is an important lesson to teach to your daughter.

Story first published: Friday, March 13, 2015, 7:30 [IST]