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How To Prepare Kids Behavior Chart

When you are trying to teach good behaviour to your kids, the best thing to do is to prepare a kids behavior chart and stick it on the wall of your kids' room. The chart will do a good job in reminding your kids about the right behavior. Gradually, your kids will memorise the fundamentals of good behaviour and this will shape their minds.

When you want you kids to remember something and make it a part of their lives, it is good to find the right way to do it. Sticking kids behavior chart on the wall is a good idea because your kids will be able to see it daily soon after they wake up. Whenever they look at the wall, the chart reminds them how to behave well. This will be so helpful in making them realise the need to behave well everywhere. Prepare a good behavior chart which explains how the kid should behave both in the school as well as outside. Here are some ideas.

Simple Chores For Kids

Ideas For Kids Behavior Chart

In The Class Room:

Sit silently without making noise

Raise your hand up before asking the teacher any questions

Follow all the rules of the class

Be nice to your classmates

Listen attentively when the teacher speaks

Keep your bench clean

In The Playground

Play a fair game without cheating other players

Follow all rules of the game

Don't bully other players if you are losing

Accept failures and successes

At Home

Obey elders

Keep your room clean

Help other family members

Take care of pets

Help mother in cooking and cleaning

Water the plants every evening

Finish your homework soon after you come home

Open the door when someone knocks

Wish the neigbours when they come home

Watch TV only for an hour

Eat sweets limitedly

What To Do
This way, you can come up with your own children's behavior chart. You can fill it as you wish but ensure that you make it a good behavior chart. Use simple words so that your children will be able to understand everything. Also, fill the chart with less number of points so that your kids won't get confused with anything. In the starting stages, don't worry if your kids don't follow anything from the chart. It will take sometime for all those points to sink in the heads of your kids. But sooner or later, things will fall in proper track and your kids will start behaving well. At least, they will try if you make the attempt. In fact, it is a good practice to program your kids at the right age.

Story first published: Friday, February 20, 2015, 1:03 [IST]
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