Parenting Tips For Foster Parents

By: Sumana Biswas
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Foster care is a noble step that can be taken up by a couple. It can be considered as a strong step taken to avoid the huge expenditure over fertility clinics and adoption, instead to provide the warmth of family for children who either haven't experienced a family life or have suffered from abuse or have gone through neglect. It's a noble cause and time should be taken by the foster parents to go through few parenting tips for foster parents and firmly decide on their choice.

Here are a few parenting tips that might help foster parents in the process of accepting the new member of the family.

Parenting Tips For Foster Parents

Getting ready for the new member

The whole process can be tiring but it has its own rewards. You should take some professional help or help from family and friends in getting ready for the complete process. Do all the preparations before the child arrives. Some parenting tips for foster parents from successful foster parents would be valuable.

Learn about your kid
The child you are ready to foster may not be a newborn/ toddler. In such a case you must do all the homework to know more about your new family member. Take some time in talking to the birth parents, if available, or in speaking to the orphanage where the kid has stayed to learn and understand your kid's past life.

The details matter
You must learn about the little things that are a part of your kid's life. His or her daily routine, the likes and dislikes, favourite games, TV shows. All these help you understand your kid properly. You will be able to make him more comfortable in short span of time. If you are about to foster a kid from a distant place or a different state, do not hesitate to travel to meet previous caretakers.

Welcoming the child
It might be exciting to welcome the kid with loads of decorations and show. But this can be overwhelming for the child. He or she needs a calm and soothing atmosphere to start adjusting. Many articles on parenting tips for foster parents would tell you.

Help in adjusting
Don't expect your kid to start adjusting from day one. Don't bid good night and expect them to sleep peacefully in the decorated heaven all alone. Take some pains in pulling their bed into your room. Ask them what they prefer. It is an essential parenting tip for foster parents.

Don't panic
You might not fall in love with the child as fast as expected. It can also be the same for the kid. Things will work out and some day you will be giving parenting tips for foster parents.

Saying goodbye
It will not come easy. Parenting tips for foster parents might not be able to teach you the right way to bid goodbye. You must be well prepared for this day to come.

The concept of foster care should not be confused with that of adoption. Foster care can be of any duration. Understanding this saves a lot of heartache.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 13, 2013, 10:01 [IST]
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