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7 School-Friendly Hairstyles For Kids

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Kids are very fashion conscious these days. So, you can totally forget about giving kids the same hairstyle that you used to do back in school. Kids want hairstyles like their favourite celebrities these days. They do not want to follow rules. But as a parent, you need to ensure that your kid's haircut is school-friendly.

In other words, most schools have haircut rules. There are certain specifications for the hairstyles that the students can have in every school. Mostly, the school's haircut regulations are to ensure that kids maintain a certain decorum in school. If students started coming to school in French rolls and wacky step cuts, then discipline will go for a toss.

So while your kid looks at fashion, you have to look at his or her age to see if the hairstyle is appropriate. However, there is a way to find a middle path. Let your kid have a hairstyle that they think is cool. You improvise the hairstyle to look acceptable at school.

The important to make sure that your kid's hairstyle does not cloud with his/her vision. For emaple a hairstyle with fringes is fine as long as the fringes do not fall into the kid's eyes and block their vision.

Here are some very cool hairstyles for kids that will fit into the school regulations.


The Angel With Fringes

This is a hairstyle for the teacher's pet but it is also very cool for your little. Just for the record, Katie Holmes has been sporting this hairstyle lately.


Justin Bieber's Emo Style

Remember Justin Bieber's hairstyle when he came up with his first album? This is exactly like that but the hair is cut slightly shorter to fit school regulations.


Baby Spice's Patent Style

We all loved the Spice Girls in our time. So, give your little girl a hairstyle that was Baby Spice's patent style. Two cute ponies and the hair at the back of your crown left loose makes your kid a very cute look.


Broad Hair-band

A broad and bold hair band can change the entire look of your kid. This is an ordinary boy cut that has been allowed to grow long but it looks so much cooler with a bright green hairband.


Young Bradley Cooper

If your boy has nice wavy hair, you try the Bradley Cooper style with him. Crop the edges of the hair and allow it to grow a little longer on top of the crown. Lets hope your kid doesn't get 'hung over'.


The Petite French Girl

This is a typical French hairstyle. It is basically a puffed up and asymmetrical hairdo that French women carry very well. Your little girl can be initiated into 'high' fashion right from school with this hairstyle.


The Military Crew Cut

Your kid will raise hell if you suggest this closely cropped hairstyle to him. But you can always tell him that the biggest stars like Brad Pitt and David Beckham have sported this hair cut.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 4, 2012, 16:20 [IST]
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