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Are Your Kids Showing Signs Of Violence?

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Violence in kids can surface as early as the toddler stage, so if you are an observant parent then you will have to keep your eyes open for the early signs. There are two aspects to the show of aggressive behavior by young kids; the first is that some children are violent by nature and thus show the signs early. The other category is of children who are exposed to violent scenes in any kind of media and imbibe it. The first category are more difficult to deal with because to normalize them you have to make them go against their nature.

These parenting tips might help you identify signs of violence in your kid's behavior in the early stages so that it can be nipped in the bud.

Signs Of Violence In Kids: What You Should Look For

1. It is the little things that make all the difference. If you kid comes home from school and throws his bag and kicks the shoes away then that too is a show of aggressive behavior. Check him then and there so that the problem doesn't deepen.

2. Throwing things to pass them is another habit that can indicate that your child is violent by nature. Either that, he or she has picked it up from one of the family members. You and all the other adults in the house have to be very careful about your mannerisms because kids miss nothing and they pick up the bad things quickly.

3. Being inclined towards destruction is also a sign of violence in kids. Some kids tend to find some sadistic pleasure in breaking their toys into pieces. Parents tend to ignore this thinking that it is their age to break things. Please be clear that no age is young enough to break things deliberately. You have to let your kids know that this kind of unprovoked violence is only going to earn a punishment but no new toy.

4. Tantrums are the best ways to judge if the child is violent. Yelling, crying to make a scene and hitting the parents is not just a tantrum; it is something that will eventually lead to life long aggressive behavior. Today he is hitting you childishly for a new toy, tomorrow he will hit his wife if he doesn't like the food. So be very careful about the example you are setting for the child.

5. Violence acquired in your teens can be attributed to other teenage problems. Your hormones are high and the age is such that rebellion seems like a good idea. But you still need to teach your kids that there is a way to rebel decently too. Teach your children to protest non violently like Mahatma Gandhi.

Show of violence from kids is normal but you should know where to draw the line. These parenting tips will tell you exactly how to do that.

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Story first published: Monday, March 12, 2012, 15:54 [IST]
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