How To Handle Teenage Problem Of Watching Adult Films?

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Teenage Adult Films
If your child is now a strapping teenager then you have cause to worry. Every single child who turns 13 will have his or her own set of teenage problems. However there is a specific set of problems that arise due the spreading exposure to adult films. Children have free access to the media these days and that makes it difficult for parents to monitor what they are watching. Bringing up teenagers has become a challenging prospect under threat from sleazy movies that psychologically hamper children.

Here are some teen parenting techniques to deal with teenage problems of watching unsuitable movies for their age.

How To Protect Kids From Adult Movies?

  • It is next to impossible for you to deny your child access to the Internet. If you stop them at home then they will go to cyber cafes. Moreover it is also an important educational tool so they need access to the Net for exploring new horizons.
  • Make sure your kid never uses the internet while you are not there at home. Where both parents are working you will need to take turns to supervise Internet time. Allocate a fixed time for surfing the net for projects and school work. This will help you plan your schedule accordingly.
  • It does not pay to say that your kids will use the Internet just for studies or work. They will push forth for using the Internet even otherwise. Teenage problems of getting addicted to the Internet can be managed if you keep a download limit.
  • These sleazy movies are videos and measure at least a few thousand Mbs. If you fix the number of Gbs or Mbs they can download you can actually keep a check on what they are downloading and when. Never go for an unlimited plan or one that allows free download at night.
  • Social networking sites too are pretty useful for creating teenage problems these days. They give your child exposure to all kinds of inappropriate content that they should not be watching. It is easy to fool the age limit so if need be, you will have to register on all these sites to keep an eye on your child's activities.
  • These adult movies are not solely available on the Net. They are also sold in shady CD renting shops and video libraries. Any video library your child frequents will have to be under your guidance. Look though the drawers and secret hard drives to check for any of these A-rated movies that might be stored there.
  • Basically you need to be very tech-savvy yourself to save your child from media related teenage problems. Over and above all this is the the relationship you share with your child. If you can have an open discussion with your child then it will work much better than anything else.

Use these parenting tips save your child from the impact of unsuitable films for their age.

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Story first published: Monday, November 28, 2011, 16:49 [IST]
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